Killing Eve's Newest Episode Gave Me Everything I Needed

Eve and Vilanelle after kissing

Spoilers ahead for Killing Eve's latest episode "Meetings Have Biscuits."

Killing Eve recently returned for its third season on television, one again cementing Phoebe Waller-Bridge's ability to craft wholly unique and thrilling television. Television fans were thrilled or another entry into the magnetic dynamic between Villanelle and Eve, especially as the second season ended with the latter character being shot. While two episodes had previously aired, Season 3 really hit its stride with Episode 3, titled "Meetings Have Biscuits."

The first two episodes of the season were strong, but something was missing for me. Namely, the connection between Eve and Villanelle; they were kept in entirely different countries. What's more, it wasn't clear if Sandra Oh's title character still had the same fascination and feeling toward Oxana. But that changed in Episode 3, as they came face to face in an unexpected conflict on a bus.

As Eve continues to work through Kenny's death, Oxana surprises her and shows up on her bus. They quickly break out into a physical conflict, with Eve fighting to her life against the young assassin. But Villanelle wasn't there for her, as she was assigned to kill Kruger before he could aid Carolyn. The two also share their first kiss, right before Eve head-butts her and they separate.

This conflict was exactly what I needed to go all in on Season 3. Their dynamic is the most fascinating aspect of Killing Eve, especially as it continues to unfold with each new episode. I was worried that Eve's feelings for Villanelle might be dwindling after her latest near death experience, but that's not the case. She was the one who initiated both the kiss and the physical violence. She's become the aggressor in their relationship, and clearly still has very strong feelings for Oxana.

Of course, Villanelle isn't one to let someone else get the last word. So she leaves a talking stuffed animal in Eve's bed. It's both threatening and intoxicating for the title character, showing how much they remain drawn to each other. There's no telling what Killing Eve's third season will have in store as the action picks up, but we don't have to worry about the show missing the magic of the two protagonists' connection.

Episode 3 also really ramped up the violence for the season, which was another change I was thrilled with. While Villanelle's kills are always epic, "Meetings Have Biscuits" ranked up the body count, and the physical encounters were visceral. But realism is also at the heart of said action; while Eve looked badass head-butting Villanelle, she had a shiner for the rest of the episode. She looked like she got into a fight that day, forcing her to get honest with her new allies.

Killing Eve airs new episodes Sunday nights on BBC America/ AMC. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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