Harley Quinn TV Show Spoofed The 'Release The Snyder Cut' Crowd, But It Led To Something Bigger

Harley Quinn ties into the Release the Snyder Cut movement.

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn series got a little meta in a recent episode in which two fans argued about the series, one while wearing a “Release the Snyder Cut” shirt and another wearing a “The Last Jedi is not canon” shirt. It’s a pretty funny TV moment, but actually something even greater came out of it, as a charitable drive through Ink to the People is underway thanks to the animated show’s shirt.

Basically, what happened was after the recent episode of Harley Quinn aired, in which this great blue t-shirt was prominently displayed, Ink to the People had an aha moment and decided to print a t-shirt for fanbase that looks similar to what was shown in the Kaley Cuoco-led show.

At the time of this writing around 167 shirts were sold and $1840 was raised on an original goal of $1000. Shirts will be delivered in June and any money that is raised will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you'd like to get involved you can order order a matching shirt.

Obviously, this foundation is near and dear to the Release The Snyder Cut movement’s heart. It was while Zack Snyder was working on Justice League that suicide touched his home when his daughter took her own life. He took some time away from work when this happened and that was a reason for why he stepped down from the movie and handed the reins over to Joss Whedon.

The Snyder Cut may still be elusive, but its fanbase is a large and notable presence on the interwebs. This isn’t the first time the movement has moved together to get cool stuff done. For example, the group managed to rally enough money and effort to run a banner of Comic-Con. It’s also raised a lot of money for charity.

Zack Snyder has seemed grateful for the effort that has been put in, particularly in regards to what the movement has done for charity. By the start of the year, it had raised $156,613 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and more money has been raised in the time since. The director himself has been a big supporter of the movement and recently shared a post thanking the Release the Snyder Cut fans for their efforts.

Even Justice League actor Ben Affleck has had thoughts about the release of Zack Snyder’s cut.

Ultimately, it’s been discussed and written on so much that Harley Quinn parodied the movement in its own series. Yet, what started out as a bit of a joke resulted in something more wonderful. Even if the elusive cut never comes to fruition, that’s probably more of what it is all about anyway.

Jessica Rawden
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