Kaley Cuoco To Play Harley Quinn For DC Universe Series, Watch The First Footage

New streaming service DC Universe is poised to deliver a slate of new original series based on characters straight out of the pages of DC Comics, and one of the most intriguing has been the Harley Quinn animated series. Few details were available, but we now know that Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory fame is voicing Harley, and the first footage proves that Cuoco's version of the character will be a major departure from her sitcom character. Take a look!

In the footage of Harley Quinn put together specifically for New York Comic Con, we see Harley hanging out with Poison Ivy behind bars at Arkham Asylum, dropping some language that we definitely never heard from Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory. Although lasting for less than a minute, the footage is enough to prove that this series will be unlike anything else currently on the big or small screen for DC Comics. Early descriptions of the series revealed that the show will focus on Harley after she broke up with the Joker and she's decided to become the "criminal Queenpin of Gotham City." She seeks to earn a seat with the Legion of Doom.

Although Poison Ivy thinks DC fans are going to hate the show because "they hate everything," Harley touts the show's comedy, action, and "incredibly gratuitous violence." In what may be the most hilarious moment of the footage, Harley then looks straight into the "camera" and remarks that "unlike that Deadpool cartoon" her show is actually going to come out. Ivy is unconvinced, believing that they were supposed to make a gritty, bleak, and depressing project, also while looking into the camera and not at all subtly referencing the state of the DCEU, leading Harley to say that's an excellent way to make TV and movies. Still, Harley promises that everybody on Harley Quinn will have fun or else she'll bash their heads in, prompting Batman to drop in and remind the two villainesses that there's no fun in Arkham.

Basically, if you were looking for a reverent take on DC Comics characters, Harley Quinn may not be for you. Kaley Cuoco is joined in the Harley Quinn cast by Lake Bell of Wet Hot American Summer, Alan Tudyk of Rogue One and Firefly (as well as DC Universe's live-action series Doom Patrol), Ron Funches of Powerless (and therefore a DC alum), J.B. Smoove of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jason Alexander of Seinfeld, Wanda Sykes of Black-ish, Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad, Tony Hale of Arrested Development, Chris Meloni of Law & Order: SVU, and even more, believe it or not!

Unfortunately, neither the announcement nor the video reveals the premiere date for Harley Quinn, although it at least promises that the show is "coming soon..." More on the DC Universe front comes in the form of casting news that Matt Bomer of American Horror Story will voice the character of Negative Man as well as portray Larry Trainor in live-action flashbacks on Doom Patrol. Check out DC Universe for all kinds of fun features, and swing by our fall TV guide for info on when you can find some DC shows on network TV.

Laura Hurley
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