Blue Bloods Actor Nick Cordero's Wife Remaining Hopeful While He's Still In Coma

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Nick Cordero of Blue Bloods fame has been suffering from complications of COVID-19 for the past several weeks, and his wife, Amanda Kloots, has continually shared updates on her husband’s status. Many of those updates haven’t delivered very good news, but Kloots has been surprisingly positive as she shares the latest on Cordero. Now, Kloots has explained how she can believe that her husband will recover despite everything.

Speaking with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, Amanda Kloots explained her infectious belief and optimism in this difficult time when Nick Cordero is so ill:

I believe because, Gayle, I’m a positive person. I’m a glass half full kind of gal. One of Nick’s main doctors said to me from Day 1, and I love him for this. He said, ‘Amanda, we’re gonna look at this in a positive light because the minute we look at it in any other light, there’s no options.’ I just truly believe that this is a story [in our lives]. I have gathered now an army that are praying for him, that are singing his song every day. I feel like there’s an army of people behind him, behind us that are waiting to hear this good news. I just believe that he will wake up and share with us this story. I’m telling my side on this end, and I can’t wait to hear what his side is.

Despite circumstances that might understandably lead somebody to feel pessimistic and hopeless, Amanda Kloots has chosen to view the situation from a half-glass full perspective and believe in the options rather than look at it in a less optimistic light. She’s certainly correct that there are a lot of people following Nick Cordero’s story and hoping for good news, as proved by the reactions to her Instagram posts about her family’s journey.

Sadly, her updates haven’t all been positive. Back in April, she revealed that Nick Cordero should have woken from his coma, which was medically-induced. Her update about his leg amputation and pacemaker insertion shed some light on the treatment he’s undergoing. Earlier this month, she reported the extent of his lung damage.

Fortunately, Scrubs actor Zach Braff of all people was able to explain at least one way that Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots’ family have caught a bit of a break. Apparently, the family has been staying in Braff’s Los Angeles guest house.

Speaking with THR, Zach Braff shared that although he’s staying socially distant from the family, “we bring them food and wine and flowers.” Braff confirmed that Nick Cordero counts as one of his “best friends in the world,” and the family has been living in his guest house for seven months while house-hunting in L.A. Amanda Kloots can evidently count the Scrubs star as one of the army of people behind her husband!

We can only hope that Amanda Kloots will soon be able to deliver some good news about Nick Cordero’s health, and that he will indeed be able to share his side of the story. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the television industry, including Blue Bloods, although fans of the long-running CBS drama can apparently look forward to more with another season.

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