Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Viewers Are Fed Up With Security Head Dragon

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for History's The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch episodes "Dangerous Curves." Read at your own risk!

History's The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch has captivated viewers looking to see the secrets of one of the nation's most prominent UFO hot spots, and the show has done its best to deliver. Unfortunately, every time it appears the show is really going to dig into something interesting, the Chief Security Officer of Skinwalker Ranch Bryant Arnold, or "Dragon," is there to halt proceedings.

The most recent episode featured Dragon expressing heavy concern over the scientists digging into a site with high radiation, and viewers are fed up. Just when it seems like the crew is going to do something cool, Dragon is there to shoot it down.

Others have said far worse about the head of security, mostly because of the role he plays on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. It's his job to protect the safety of the individuals on the ranch, but in the eyes of some, Dragon is merely there to help give the series more of a reality vibe by creating unnecessary tension.

In Dragon's defense, he's only doing what he's been hired to do. Regardless of whether or not Skinwalker Ranch has evidence of aliens, it is more or less confirmed it has a solid amount of radiation. So much so that scientist Travis Taylor got radiation burns merely by opening a hatch that led underground. Given Taylor had that bad of a reaction just by touching the entrance of the site, I can totally understand why Dragon isn't thrilled to actually go closer to that.

And yet, The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch viewers were less sympathetic to what Dragon had to say. There's a higher potential for seeing some freaky stuff in the danger zones, so if the scientists are willing to put their health on the line, many think that Dragon should step aside and keep his opinions to himself.

Other viewers of The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch are simply mad that Dragon has so much power over the operation. The fact that Dragon is even sitting in on the scientists' meetings and giving his two cents on how experiments should be carried out is problematic to some, and more of a hindrance that continually eats up TV time.

Poor Dragon. The good news is that while he may get some flak both on the show and from the fans, he still is Skinwalker Ranch owner Brandon Frugal's closest confidant. Ultimately, he's the fall guy enforcing the things Frugal does and doesn't want to go down, and can only go back on them when the team comes in direct contact with him for approval. Dragon probably shouldn't get as much hate as he does, but for now, he's the viewers' whipping boy.

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