How Dangerous The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Property Really Is, According To A Scientist Who Lived There

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For two centuries, people have witnessed a number of bonkers unexplained occurrences on and around the Utah Uinta Basin property known as Skinwalker Ranch. The working, 512-acre ranch has been home to all manner of weirdo things which sound like they've been taken straight from the plot of an X-Files episode, and now The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on the History Channel has set out to see if science can actually help us understand what goes on there. But, just how dangerous is the ranch, really? Dr. Travis Taylor, who helped to study the site last year, has an answer for you.

Dr. Travis Taylor is an astrophysicist who, along with a team of researchers, spent several months of 2019 working at Skinwalker Ranch to locate mysterious phenomena and rigorously test it with the finest scientific equipment, in an effort to see if any of what they found could be explained. Dr. Taylor actually lived on the property during the week, staying there from June through early October, and when asked if the ranch was really all that dangerous, he gave a very compelling answer to myself and the other journalists who had to opportunity to speak with him.

There are dangerous phenomena that are occurring that we haven’t identified as to how or why they’re occurring on the ranch. And, we have scientific equipment set up in such a way that if you were to sneak on the ranch to take a look for yourself, you could create false data and lead us down a rabbit hole, or damage very expensive equipment. Or, worst-case, be exposed to a phenomenon that could cause some sort of physical harm to yourself, and there’s nothing we could do to help you in that regard. So nobody try and sneak on to the ranch. It would - it is - it’s extremely dangerous.

Ughughughhhhhh...Who else is severely creeped out just thinking about this statement? I mean, I know a lot of people are curious about alien activity, and seemingly inexplicable things, but the idea of hauling oneself to private property and trying to sneak around and see batshit stuff in person is something I will absolutely never understand. I like watching movies and TV shows about these things, but in no way do I want to encounter any of it on a personal level. So, keep your rando asses away from Skinwalker Ranch, OK?

As Dr. Taylor said, for one thing, you could damage fancy equipment or just mess up the measurements being taken by said equipment. That would be bad enough, but think about the possibility that something does go down while you're there and you end up with your legs imploded or your internal organs suddenly on the outside of your body (I watch too much TV for these made up examples to have been any less gruesome). You'll be out of luck, sirs and madams...and it'll be your own fault.

In case that's not enough of a warning, don't worry. There are also potential human threats that abound when they don't know who's running around the ranch!

We might not know what you’re doing or even that you’re a person and [you] could be perceived as a threat. There are armed guards on the ranch to, you know, protect the cattle from predators, to protect us from if crazy people for some reason tried to come into the ranch and do harm, or from whatever if there are harmful phenomena.

While these are all, already, very good reasons for staying away from Skinwalker Ranch unless you've been 100% cleared to be there at the time you're supposed to be there, and are following all of the safety protocols they have in place, it's pretty clear that Dr. Taylor wants us to know that (even in those instances) it's generally just not a safe place. Here's one more warning, which should chill you to your Underoos:

I can tell you this, I will not allow my family to come visit me on the ranch. They can come outside the gates and say hi if they wanted to, but I would not allow them on the premises.

That's it, you guys. If you don't get Dr. Taylor's point about how dangerous Skinwalker Ranch is now, well, the only thing that might help is watching The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch for yourself to see just what kind of madness went down while he was there.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST, but if you'd like to see what else is on the small screen right now, you can check out our Netflix schedule and what's new on Hulu this month!

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