Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Scientist Reveals Some 'Unexplainable' Results That May Not Be Man-Made

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch History

History's The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is pulling back the curtain on one of America's biggest UFO sighting spots, and apparently, only so much can be explained. CinemaBlend and other media outlets got a chance to speak with Dr. Travis Taylor about the series and some of the unexplained phenomena he and colleagues witnessed while investigating the famous ranch.

Dr. Taylor went through all the testing he and other scientists ran while working on Skinwalker Ranch, which sounds pretty rigorous. This was a rare opportunity for experts to step in and get to the bottom of the mystery, and Taylor and others didn't waste the opportunity to evaluate it from every angle imaginable.

We had most of the electromagnetic spectrum covered. We had spectrum analysis, and radio, and microwave and gamma ray type receivers that you can imagine. And we were continuously looking across the spectrum for phenomena to be occurring. And we measured toxic chemicals, and radiation and those types of things that you might think of. We took samples and things to test for chemical and biological toxins. And we looked for seismic anomalies and various other optical phenomena as well as anthropological. We looked around for ancient sites to see if that might give us insight as well.

The experts of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch left no stone unturned in evaluating the land. The result uncovered a lot of insight about the area, though not everything Dr. Taylor and researchers found made sense.

So, what exactly did Dr. Travis Taylor and the other scientists uncover? Taylor said that's just something viewers will have to wait and see, but teased that what they found is something he can't explain, and he's fairly certain it's not something man-made either.

As far as the data we collected some of the data we collected was startling extremely anomalous and in as far as I’m concerned unexplainable. But other than that you’ll just have to wait and watch the show to see because, you know, I’m not supposed to give it all away. And the conclusions I made from it from my experience out there is I’m 80% certain it’s not a natural phenomenon but Mother Nature can fool us. But I’m 99% certain that it’s not a man-made phenomenon because the technology is beyond physics as we understand yet.

That's quite a tease, and viewers will have to wait and see how much of what The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch reveals is truly as unbelievable as Dr. Travis Taylor has said. Given how the experience impacted him while filming the series, I'm very curious to see what it is he and the others found.

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