S.W.A.T. Star Shemar Moore Reacts To Season 4 Renewal

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Three years after leaving the hit drama Criminal Minds, actor Shemar Moore currently has more active presence at CBS than his since-cancelled former series, given how successful his show S.W.A.T. has been with audiences. Even though Season 3's episode count was truncated for the same reasons so many other TV shows were, fans don't need to worry about a lack of S.W.A.T. episodes in the future, with CBS having confirmed a Season 4 renewal this week. And you better believe Shemar Moore had something to say about it.

Taking to social media after CBS dropped the renewal news (which also included a slew of the network's other series), Shemar Moore sent this message out to all his fans and S.W.A.T. enthusiasts.

Aaayyyyeeeee!!!!!!! Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!!!!!! We did it and it’s only possible because you ride with us every week!!!! Season 4 ... HERE WE COME .... HERE COME THAT MAN

Anyone who starts a sentiment off with "Aaayyyyeeeee!" is in no danger of being mistaken for someone lacking enthusiasm. On the contrary, Shemar Moore's often infectious energy is totally on display in his Instagram post, which also featured a brief visual confirming CBS' Season 4 order. And if the words themselves somehow weren't enough to convey the actor's approval, his use of fire emojis and bicep muscles emojis would certainly do it.

It's presumed that Shemar Moore wasn't talking about his former Criminal Minds co-star Kirsten Vangsness or her character Penelope Garcia whenever he brought up "baby girls" in his post. That said, there are no doubt plenty of S.W.A.T. fans who rooted for Moore's Derek Morgan to get together with Garcia. Maybe Season 4 will give viewers more Criminal Minds cameos, with the biggest one to this point being Rochelle Aytes, who plays Hondo's love interest Nichelle.

Check out Shemar Moore's full post below.

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S.W.A.T.'s Season 3 viewership and ratings definitely dipped a bit when compared to its first two seasons, giving some viewers worry that CBS might decide to pull the plug on the ensemble crime drama. Thankfully, though, the numbers have risen in the most recent weeks, with the penultimate installment "Wild Ones" earning the second-highest stats of the season to this point. That kind of boost had to help in convincing network execs to bring the show back for another year. As if it would take anything more than Shemar Moore's charming smile...

Ahead of the Season 4 renewal, CBS released a behind-the-scenes S.W.A.T. video that features Shemar Moore and the rest of the cast talking about working with real-world SWAT teams for the show. Check it out below!

Though CBS gave good news to S.W.A.T. and so many others, it wasn't all good news for the network's original series. Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette's new comedy Broke was formally cancelled while still in the midst its unfinished first season, as was Patricia Heaton's troubled hospital comedy Carol's Second Act and Edie Falco's police drama Tommy. Matt LeBlanc's sitcom Man with a Plan also met its untimely end.

Though fans will have to wait until at least the fall to see what S.W.A.T.'s creative team has cooking for Season 4, the show still has yet to air its Season 3 finale, which will arrive on CBS on Wednesday, May 20, at 10:00 p.m. ET. To see what other shows will be popping up in primetime after S.W.A.T.'s team has dispersed, check out our Summer 2020 TV schedule.

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