The Blacklist's 150th Episode Teased A Surprising Endgame For Liz And I'm Not Convinced

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Warning: Spoilers for the 150th episode (“Roy Cain”) of The Blacklist are discussed below.

The Blacklist's 150th episode has come and gone, and it brought with it a surprising tease about Liz's endgame. Like with the “reveal” that Red was supposedly Ilya, I am not convinced it is true. Preparing for the end of his life (again), Red readied the keys to his criminal kingdom for -- Liz. Wait, what?

As part of the 150th episode festivities, The Today Show’s Al Roker put in an appearance as himself, and it turns out he and Red are pretty close. The two even had dinner in the recent past. Throughout the hour, a dying Red was prepping his next move, which included making Liz his heir. Liz was not interested, but The Blacklist teased it might not stay that way.

If you believe that it takes one to know one, then Red will be right about Liz. He believes his adopted daughter of sorts is bound to eventually turn to his side of the law, despite her currently being an FBI agent. It is not the first time that The Blacklist has foreshadowed Liz’s loyalties may lean towards the less-than-law-abiding part of the equation.

Liz has been protecting Katarina. Could Liz turning against the law eventually be The Blacklist’s next big twist? Is Liz destined to be the leader of a criminal empire? If so, that would really put a knot in any future romance with Ressler. As I said, I am not convinced that Liz will actually do that. Red is seldom wrong about things of this nature, though.

He has always sensed something in Liz, and a few episodes ago, she gave forbidden information about her FBI assignment to Red. Thus, hinting Red may be onto something after all. If that were not enough to suggest that Liz’s commitment to the law is compromised, The Blacklist revealed that she has been working with her apparent mother, Katarina.

If I read things correctly during The Blacklist’s 150th episode, Liz was not terribly upset her mother had taken Dembe's Imam, Sadiq Asmal. Katarina threatened to murder him if Dembe did not reveal all about Red. I am guessing that included the secret of his identity and who is after Katarina. That her mother threatened to murder someone over this and seemed to mean it should have horrified Liz.

Instead, Liz sat pretty calm and composed. Seriously?! Liz throwing in her lot with Katarina is beyond disappointing. Her mother has proven herself to be diabolical, ruthless, and vile. She is out of control, and Liz has got to face that. Of course, it is possible The Blacklist could be teasing that meeting Katarina has somehow caused Liz’s true self to emerge.

Liz has crossed lines before and seemed to step back from the abyss. So, that is what makes her so tricky. The Blacklist is teasing that she could eventually take Red’s place in the criminal underworld. I could see it in an alternate reality. The one that the show has now makes it seem impossible.

If Liz were going to turn into a criminal, I would have thought Tom’s murder would have caused that. Instead, it is her mother bringing her to the brink. Whether or not Liz ends up turning into a criminal, The Blacklist is certainly bringing her to the point that she has to choose.

Tune in to see how Liz nears her endgame when the Season 7 finale of The Blacklist airs next Friday, May 15, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. At least you have this summer’s premieres to help soften the blow of the finale! You can watch Liz’s past brushes with illegal action by streaming previous seasons on Netflix, along with lots of 2020 arrivals.

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