The Blacklist's Diego Klattenhoff Teases A Potential Change In Liz and Ressler's Relationship

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Warning: Spoilers for the May 1 episode of The Blacklist entitled “Brothers” are discussed below.

The Blacklist’s Ressler-centric episode ended on a massive note for Liz and Ressler shippers, as Liz shared how much he means to her. No wonder she is so comfortable letting him know her big secrets! As viewers learned in Season 7’s “Brothers,” Liz sees Ressler as the eye in the storm that is her life, so how will this change their relationship?

If you thought Liz and Ressler shared more than their secrets, that scene from this week's The Blacklist seemed to have validated those thoughts. Depending on how you look at it, their relationship just got a bit stronger. Now, Diego Klattenhoff has teased how the emotionally-charged moment could change things for Liz and Ressler’s relationship moving forward:

To tell me how much she needed me — going forward, having that in my mind and knowing those words, we’ll see where that takes us, professionally and personally[.]

Based on what Diego Klattenhoff said to TVLine, Liz’s sentiment meant a lot to Ressler. What it means for them going forward is still a bit ambiguous, though. It's not the first time The Blacklist has seemed to tease that something may be happening between the two of them. However, there has been little in the way of definitive forward momentum.

I think The Blacklist crew probably knew that they would send some shippers’ hearts soaring with the scene. It was a moment seven seasons in the making, as Liz and Ressler have rarely had that kind of a heart-to-heart, at least from this viewer’s recollection. At this point, it's too early to say what this means for their relationship statuses. Regarding the future, Diego Klattenhoff continued:

[Bokenkamp and Eisendrath] haven’t given me any indication one way or the other[.] I think, either way, it’s great.

I can see a scenario Ressler and Liz are merely great friends (only), as well as one in which they could develop a romantic relationship. Friendship is a core part of any long-term romance. In terms of where The Blacklist stands, Diego Klattenhoff may not know what's happening on that front, but what can be said is that this latest episode could change things for Ressler.

Ahead of Season 7, The Blacklist’s creator revealed that the writers have been split on what to do with Liz and Ressler, so it will be intriguing to see if things change between them during what's left of Season 7.

Stay tuned because The Blacklist is heading towards its 150th episode and its impromptu Season 7 finale. Diego Klattenhoff has assured that despite the episode not being the planned season-ender, it will be effective in properly closing things out.

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