Ink Master Star Reportedly Caused Car Crash Killing Popular YouTuber

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It appears as if an unfortunate tragedy went down in Los Angeles late Sunday night involving a TV personality and a YouTube star. Daniel Silva, a tattoo artist known from cable's Ink Master franchise, and popular video creator Corey La Barrie were reportedly involved in a deadly car accident, with La Barrie pronounced dead in the hospital not long after. He was 25 years old.

Daniel Silva and Corey La Barrie were said to be riding in a McLaren sports car on the night of Sunday, May 10, which was La Barrie's 25th birthday. According to TMZ, Silva was thought to be driving the vehicle, which was traveling at fast speeds before it struck both a street sign and a tree. It's not clear as of this writing exactly what caused the crash.

corey la barrie

First responders were called to the scene, and the two men were then transported to the hospital. It was there that Corey La Barrie was pronounced dead, though a specific cause of death has yet to be confirmed.

It doesn't appear as if Daniel Silva suffered any life-threatening injuries, though he is said to have a broken hip, which he was being treated for. According to the outlet's law enforcement sources, Silva is going to be arrested for his involvement in the accident, either while at the hospital or following his discharge.

The police were allegedly told by certain witnesses that both Daniel Silva and Corey La Barrie had attended a party earlier in the evening as part of a birthday celebration. It was also said that Silva had been drinking alcohol during the party, though it wasn't stated whether or not the tattoo artist would also be charged with a DUI on top of other charges.

Corey La Barrie first made waves on YouTube back in 2016, making videos for various challenges, contests, quizzes, dialogues and all the usual topics and formats that are tried-and-true to the format. After a year or two on the platform, La Barrie's videos started regularly hitting in the hundreds of thousands of views, often when other guests such as Kian Lawley would appear. Most recently, La Barrie's videos were about being stuck inside during the pandemic lockdown.

Below is the somewhat ominous final video that Corey La Barrie posted on Sunday to his YouTube page, which currently has over 335,000 subscribers.

Below is a video from Ink Master: Angels featuring Daniel Silva, who went on to star in Season 10, which also went by the time Ink Master: Return of the Masters. He was eliminated in Week 12.

We at CinemaBlend send our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Corey La Barrie during their time of mourning.

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