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One Blacklist Fan Got An Epic Red And Liz Tattoo, And Megan Boone Approves

The Blacklist Elizabeth Liz Keen Megan Boone NBC
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The Emmys may not have given The Blacklist cast any love (again), but if that downer news affected them in any way, this example of series adoration certainly has to raise their spirits. One Blacklist fan went all in showing their love for the crime drama by getting an epic tattoo of Red and Liz and more!

The masterfully delivered ink got the attention of series star Megan Boone, who plays The Blacklist’s awesome heroine Liz Keen. Taking to Instagram, the actress shared an image of the tat replete replete with a non-chastising caption. Check out the tattoo, and Megan Boone's take on it, below:

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And I thought I loved The Blacklist! Thank goodness the encompassing ink does not declare that Red is Ilya Koslov, perhaps by putting a smaller “I heart Ilya” tattoo onto Red’s image. Given how many times the character’s true identity has seemed to surface, it is probably best to wait a while before getting permanent on that front. Jon Bokenkamp hinted that the question of who Red really is will continue to cause friction in Season 7.

So, fans still have a while to wait on what that means. As for The Blacklist fan, getting that tattoo thankfully didn't take nearly as long, although I had to take multiple sessions to accomplish, and I dare not think of the cost, both physical and financial. You know it had to be an investment, but that's what TV fandom is for the most part anyway.

If you want to see more, swipe the image below to see a video of the tattoo.

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Wow! If you are curious about what the inspiration behind the art could be, I have an idea of where it may have come from. If it looks familiar, that is because it resembles the promotional art that NBC released for The Blacklist’s third season. Like all of the others, that was an exciting one, and marked the show's push into more serialized storytelling on top of the Blacklister-of-the-week cases.

Check out the Season 3 promo art below to compare.

The Blacklist Elizabeth Liz Keen Raymond Red Reddington James Spader NBC

(Image credit: NBC)

For a refresher, Season 3 is the one where Liz went on the run with Red, and she even had to turn her hair blonde for a while. It was also the season where Liz and Tom welcomed baby Agnes, and Liz faked her death. By the end, Red discovered that Liz had deceived him, and in the season finale, she came face-to-face with the man claiming to be her father, Alexander Kirk.

It set off a remarkable fourth season, and it's only gotten more complicated and dramatic from there. The Blacklist will be back for another season this fall on NBC, and a premiere date for Season 7 has been set!

There is a lot to look forward to, too. The Blacklist’s creator Jon Bokenkamp teased that the series’ endgame will “snap into focus.” Hopefully, that will include a major arc where Red and Katarina become mortal enemies, as well as others where a lot of burning questions get answered. A Blacklist fan can dream!

After this summer’s premieres wrap up, The Blacklist will be back with its Season 7 premiere on Friday, October 4 on NBC! New episodes of the beloved series will air on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. For now, you can catch up on previous seasons of the series via Netflix along with lots of other upcoming content.

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