Tom Payne Shares Creepy New Teaser After Prodigal Son's Renewed For Season 2

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Prodigal Son was among the many shows that was renewed by Fox, which is sure to have fans excited. But if you needed newfound inspiration for getting hyped about it, Tom Payne has you covered. Though you may want to prepare yourself because the teaser is a bit creepy.

Tom Payne took to Instagram to share the new Season 2 teaser, which shows some pretty ominous happenings occurring, which isn't an entirely shocking development. This is Prodigal Son after all. Interestingly, Payne’s Malcolm is not particularly front and center in it. Instead, Malcolm’s little sister Ainsley is. Check it out below:

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If you were unhappy with where Prodigal Son ended up going last season, I wonder how this teaser for Season 2 makes you feel. In it, Ainsley can be spotted seeing and hearing some disturbing things. Besides a creepy tea party (a strange thing to write), the teaser also finds Ainsley encountering her father, who is sporting a dapper outfit, and a disarming grin.

Ainsley can then be seen flashing between being blood-soaked, her Season 2 teaser state, and her incarcerated father. Tom Payne and Michael Sheen both shared their inspirations for Prodigal Son’s freshman season. It'll be interesting to learn what Halston Sage draws from for Season 2, as it seems Ainsley is heading down an uncertain path.

When you consider how Prodigal Son’s first season ended, this Ainsley-centric teaser makes sense. In the Season 1 finale, Ainsley killed Nicholas Endicott, who had been holding a knife on her. But instead of leaving it to a few stabs in self-defense, Ainsley went all-in, stabbing him repeatedly. It goes without saying that this could have serious ramifications on her story moving forward.

The twist led to Malcolm learning he may not be his father’s son (in terms of being a killer), but his sister may be his father’s daughter. In related Prodigal Son news, Malcolm learned that his biological father is not the known serial killer (and his presumptive father), Dr. Martin Whitly. This would be an interesting misdirect that could heavily change the dynamics of the series. Despite the twist-fueled lead-up to Season 2, the episode was surprisingly not intended to be the finale.

Prodigal Son, like many series, had to shut down production before its 22-episode season order could be filled. For now, fans can now anticipate the series’ return, and how what they did not get to see could play into Season 2. Yet whatever the future holds for Michael Sheen’s serial killer character and his case-solving abilities, his kids will clearly be heading down new paths, and the results are more than likely to be to the delight (and horror) of committed fans.

Prodigal Son will return for Season 2 on Fox after this summer’s premieres.

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