Why Jerry Seinfeld Never Made Another Sitcom After Seinfeld Ended

Jerry Seinfeld on Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has a vast body of work that’s helped shaped the comedy genre, but his greatest contribution to pop culture is arguably his eponymous sitcom, Seinfeld. The show enjoyed a strong nine-season run throughout the ‘90s and has continued to amass a fanbase through syndication and streaming services. With this, some still wonder why Seinfeld never developed another sitcom. Well, now the actor and comedian is opening up on his reason for opting against it.

Apparently, Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t like the idea of seeing “old” people on TV. Seinfeld explained that he wouldn’t want to present himself to audiences when he’s in a less than vibrant state:

I don't like seeing old people on TV. I don't want to inflict myself on people in a deteriorated state.

In other words, Seinfeld doesn’t want to give audiences a product that features him not looking like himself.

During his recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Jerry Seinfeld was also asked why he hasn’t done anymore comedy specials. This led him to admit that he’s a perfectionist, which he thinks may have factored into his decision to forgo another sitcom project:

I think you got me there. I am a perfectionist that way. That's why I obviously never did another TV series. I'm not going to try and beat that. I can't beat that. I already have the material to do another special. But I always like to give a little less than you really want. A little less.

Many would consider Seinfeld to be a relatively perfect show, though some still have mixed thoughts about that series finale. Nevertheless, the “show about nothing” was a ratings hit for NBC and solidified Jerry Seinfeld’s status as a household name. Even today, viewers can still quote memorable lines and debate their favorite episodes. It also helped to propel the careers of some of its stars, particularly Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

With all of that said, one can understand why Jerry Seinfeld wouldn’t have wanted to jump right into something else right away. In the past, Seinfeld has stated his belief that he ended the show at the perfect time. His goal, at the time, was to make sure that the series didn’t overstay its welcome. This happens with plenty of shows, especially sitcoms, which tend to run longer than many other network series.

Though many are likely disappointed that Jerry Seinfeld chose not to make another multi-cam comedy, Seinfeld fans haven’t been left wanting when it comes to actually seeing the comedian. Not only has he made countless appearances in various shows and movies since Seinfeld ended, but he’s also headlined fan-favorite web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Those who still want to revisit Seinfeld can also stream the series on Hulu.

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