How The Walking Dead's Season 10 Finale Compares To Game Of Thrones, Per Norman Reedus

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Fans are anxiously awaiting The Walking Dead’s delayed Season 10 finale, and they have a new tease from star Norman Reedus to keep up the hype for it. The Daryl Dixon portrayer has compared the zombie drama’s yet-to-be-seen season-ender to Game of Thrones for an epic reason. Hint: It has to do with going to battle, so viewers would be wise to prepare for some action when the AMC series returns.

Until the big Season 10 finale is completed, The Walking Dead’s fasbase has been coping with questions about that big cliffhanger involving the Whisperers in the penultimate installment. With Beta and his giant herd of walkers closing in on the hospital where the protagonists took refuge, the time for a massive Game of Thrones-scale battle to grace the series. Speaking to what is left to come, Norman Reedus told EW:

I love the way Episode 15 ends, where you see Beta bringing the herd to the tower where everybody is holed up. There’s a lot teed up, so to speak. It's going to be an epic battle. It’s like a full-on Game of Thrones super war battle.

Hopefully, fans will be able to actually see this battle. As fans of both series (and general pop culture observers) will recall, Game of Thrones’ penultimate battle sequence wasn't exactly the only one whose action-packed visuals were obfuscated by extremely dark lighting. The Walking Dead has dealt with its own share of issues with making dark scenes understandable, but Rick Grimes willing, the show will avoid having such a controversial incident eclipse its Season 10 finale fight.

Norman Reedus says he loved the way that The Walking Dead left off, and he is just as amped for fans to see how the cliffhanger plays out. To be fair to Game of Thrones, its penultimate battle may not have turned out like many had hoped, adding to the the strained fandom, but at least the final fight was easy to see.

To give you an idea of how significant The Walking Dead’s battle will be, Norman Reedus provided insight into the brutal filming it required, which sounded somewhat similar to a lot of the misery that Game of Thrones’ cast and crew endured to make the final season’s big battle. On what The Walking Dead’s cast went through, Reedus said:

There were huge battle scenes until the wee hours of the morning consistently, and it looks so grand on an epic scale. Those battle scenes are going to be legendary.

If Norman Reedus and his co-stars stayed up until the early morning hours to get all that action on-screen, then The Walking Dead’s viewers definitely need to see what they were working so hard on, so they can fully appreciate it. Speaking of Reedus' co-stars, Lauren Cohan’s return as Maggie has been teased in the Season 10 finale’s video, but it's still not clear whether she'll be part of that big brawl or not.

For more context for why fans are having to wait for the exciting installment Norman Reedus is teasing, AMC announced in March that The Walking Dead was shutting down all forms of production, meaning the Season 10 finale would be delayed due to quarantining. But while many other series had to completely end earlier than planned, The Walking Dead completed filming on the episode before everything was shut down.

The good news is that it's reportedly just a matter of finishing up post-production duties. Of course, as The Walking Dead’s executive producer Greg Nicotero told CinemaBlend recently, there is a lot to that entire process. It'll presumably be finished in the near future, though, so fans won't need to wait that much longer to see how spot-on Norman Reedus was with his Game of Thrones comparison.

The Walking Dead's Season 10 finale is expected to make its way to AMC sometime later this year. In the meantime, the cabler has found a way to replace it thanks to the early arrival of Killing Eve’s third season. Meanwhile, stay tuned to this summer’s premieres, and for a nostalgic burst of past finales, you can check out previous seasons of the zombie drama on Netflix, along with newly arrived 2020 content.

The Walking Dead’s Season 10 finale does not have an air date yet, so

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