SEAL Team Returns For Season 4 With A Big Episode For Cerberus The Dog

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SEAL Team fans have something doggone great to look forward to when the series returns. When Season 4 premieres, it will do so with a big episode for Cerberus, the dog. Fans would have gotten to see the installment during the series’ most recent season had production not been halted early due to the coronavirus.

Thankfully, SEAL Team was renewed by CBS, which means the show is not ending, and fans will get to see the episode after all. Just not as soon as was previously planned. A long wait often makes the arrival of good things worthwhile, and that should be no different for the big Cerberus episode to come. Fans of the CBS series will not have to wait long into Season 4 to see it.

The episode heavily featuring Cerberus was supposed to air during SEAL Team’s most recent season as Episode 21. It was reportedly only two days short of completion. Instead of pulling a page from NBC’s The Blacklist and finishing things off with some animation, SEAL Team decided to wait. So, now it will serve as the Season 4 premiere.

SEAL Team did give fans the chance to revisit the past of David Boreanaz’s Jason, so the drama left off with lots to cover. The aftermath of that surprise hookup should also play a role in the excitement ahead. As for Cerberus, David Boreanaz teased what the special-sounding installment would mean for Jason and the beloved dog, telling TVLine:

The emotional tie between the two of them plays big in [Episode 21]. [Cerebus's future] is a huge story point, it really is. [Episode] 21 is big with the dog.

Whatever happens with Cerberus should not be an entirely unexpected plot twist. SEAL Team has been laying the groundwork for something when it comes to the canine. Earlier in the season, Cerberus made a bad call. The future of his career was mirroring Jason’s to an extent, and now it will play as a central story when Season 4 kicks off.

If you are feeling nervous about what that means for Cerberus’ future, you are probably not alone. It would be sad for him to come into an episode front-and-center, only to exit stage left. SEAL Team viewers who have loyally been tuning in will definitely not want to miss the Season 4 premiere to learn for sure.

It sounds like SEAL Team will be taking a moment to continue building on the bond shared between Jason and Cerberus. Jason can undoubtedly relate to the bomb-sniffing dog after suffering his own close call earlier in the latest season. Whether both will share similar futures is a question that will not be answered until Season 4 premieres.

SEAL Team choosing to let this episode launch Season 4 indicates that it will not just be a big episode for Cerberus, but a major one overall. In starting back with it, the CBS series has decided to go the way of FOX’s Last Man Standing. Like SEAL Team, it is using its lastly worked-on episode as its season premiere. That's about where the similarities between the comedy and the drama end, though!

When will Cerberus’ big episode air? SEAL Team Season 4 does not have a premiere date yet. When it returns, it will do so on CBS. If you are in need of new content to watch in the meantime, feel free to check out this summer’s premieres.

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