How The Blindspot Finale Shocker Set Up A 'Celebratory' Final Season 5

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Caution: Spoilers for the Season 4 finale of Blindspot are disclosed below

As Blindspot Season 4 wound down, Jane and company were framed and subsequently forged into fugitives. Blindspot was not done dishing out shocking twists and turns. The drama ended its fourth season with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Jane was outside when the cabin she, Weller, Patterson, Reade, and Zapata were staying in exploded.

The culprit being a drone attack from the team’s nemesis, Madeline Burke. To say the life and death twist is heartrending would be an understatement. The horrifying cliffhanger undoubtedly has fans anxious for the final season. How will Season 5 get started? Blindspot creator Martin Gero told ET:

There is a two month-ish time jump, but through flashbacks we'll tell what happened immediately [after] what we saw [in the finale]. [...] Presuming they all survive, or the ones who do, I think there will be great unity within [the team] like there never has been before. That's part of what excited us about doing Season 5. We really put this team at odds with each other at different times; it's been really rare that everyone has gotten along at the same time.

Instead of diving back into the story directly after the explosion, Blindspot is going to make a two-month time jump. That is not an extraordinarily massive leap. Rather, one that allows for a bit of the dust to have settled. It should also allow the surviving parties who may be injured a chance to have recovered.

Expect the team members that survive the explosion to be closer than ever in Blindspot’s final season. After a lot of back and forth, it turns out that the adversity of the dire twist will end up uniting them. Something to contemplate over summer as fans await the series’ return.

In ending Season 4 in this way, Blindspot has left Madeline as an ongoing opponent for the series’ final bow. Why did the show decide to let her have a victory in the penultimate finale? Blindspot’s creator Martin Gero told TVLine:

When we started talking about Season 4 — or, more importantly, what we wanted to do with Season 5 — we just decided, 'Man, it’d be so awesome to spend the whole season laying the groundwork for Madeline to just win.' We really have the team take a loss, which you don’t often see in procedural television. It was super exciting for us, because it leads to a very propulsive Season 5, unlike any [season] we’ve ever done. It’s basically the team against the world, trying to still take down Madeline but also trying to clear their name. And this isn’t going to be something like, 'They’ll be back on the FBI set by Episode 2!' The whole final season is about getting back home.

Do not expect Jane and whoever survives the explosion to get back to their new normal any time soon. That will be for the entire fifth season to work out. NBC announced that it will be the show's last. Blindspot will be doing things a little differently as it heads into its final installment. A move that should shake things up.

What is the goal of Blindspot’s final season? With its central characters on the run and trying to clear their names, there is no shortage of action set to take place. On an emotional level, what is the series' creator hoping to accomplish? Martin Gero told ET:

Our primary concern is to not fuck up the landing. [...] It's our senior year, so to speak. When you know it's your senior year, you can pay service to, like, ‘This is the last time we'll probably see this character. How do we honor that?’ Or, like, ‘This is probably the last time we'll have a moment like this. How do we honor that? How do we honor our fans who have certainly strong varying opinions about our characters and where they'd like to see it end? How do we put our arms around everybody in a way that everyone can feel great about the closing of the show?’ I think we've come up with something that's really exciting, especially for our grand finale. But the whole season has this kind of... I don't want to say sentimentality, but it has this celebratory vibe to it. We can check in on everybody one last time and give our main characters a season to say goodbye.

I think that the plan he has outlined is both ambitious and lovely. Celebrating the characters and focusing on telling a long goodbye should lead to a strong ending chapter for fans. He certainly has his heart in the right place, in my opinion. Blindspot’s creator also promises a “really exciting” grand finale for the crime drama, which has welcomed Bill Nye during its run.

Getting to a finale that fans approve of can be a tricky task. Just ask Game of Thrones fans as the final season turned divisive. There have been shows that went out with what was seemingly a well-liked finale from fans -- including The Big Bang Theory. Time will tell how fans react to Blindspot’s.

After surviving a scheduling change and cancellation concerns, the drama will be back for Season 5. Blindspot will return for its final season during the 2019-2020 midseason on NBC.

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