Why Watchmen's Regina King Thinks Anyone Can Relate To The Final Scene Of The Finale

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HBO's Watchmen elevated the franchise with its phenomenal run by many accounts, and there has been no shortage of cries for Damon Lindelof's sequel thriller to get greenlit for Season 2. While we still have yet to find out if that will ever happen, star Regina King has shared her thoughts on the finale's final scene.

The final scene in question saw King's character, Angela, consume an egg that may have contained the essence of Dr. Manhattan's power. The scene cut just as Angela attempted to walk on water, leaving the audience to wonder whether or not Manhattan's powers transferred over to her or not. Regina King shared her thoughts on the scene with TVInsider, and how anyone watching can relate to it today:

It's so funny for me. I totally thought that, 'The second season she's going to fall in the water.' To me, I just was like, it's a love story, how can she get closer to feeling the love of her life again? If there's a shot in feeling him again, then she's going to take it even though it's ridiculous. If anyone had the opportunity to have a moment with a love of their life [they'd take that chance]. You can even relate to it at the level of it's a favorite family member that's passed away. If you had that opportunity to be with them again, you would.

Regina King's ending would be quite a surprise, as Watchmen really made it seem as though Dr. Manhattan had intentionally left that egg for the purpose of giving her his powers. That being said, her pitch would fit the series' twists and turns rather well and create an especially sad arc for Angela as she mourned the loss of her husband in Season 2. Of course, that's still assuming Season 2 will ever happen, as HBO has given no indication that's even on the table.

While Watchmen was not a strong performer in live ratings, the show pulled in a lot of viewership in delayed viewing. With HBO Max just starting its run in the world of streaming, one would think the delayed streams hold more weight especially for a subscription-based service like HBO. Live ratings are nice but, for a network that doesn't sell ad time in its time slots, it's not necessarily as important as it would be on ones that do.

It's also worth noting that creator Damon Lindelof has announced he would not return if Watchmen was greenlit for Season 2. Even though Lindelof gave his blessing to however took up the torch next, one has to wonder if HBO would be willing to sacrifice the standalone season's quality and acclaim when it has so many other options for original content. For now, viewers can only visualize Regina King's fantasy of Angela falling in the pool and play out in their heads how Season 2 would go from there.

Watchmen is currently available to stream on HBO's on demand services. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for news on whether or not Season 2 will happen, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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