The Masked Singer's Jesse McCartney Was Stumped About Some Of The Clues Created For Him

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The Masked Singer Season 3 is in the books and, now that all the contestants have been revealed, more and more about the show's process is coming to light. The latest comes from runner-up Jesse McCartney, who wow'd audiences as the Turtle, even if some fans figured out who he was at the start. Those that were stumped shouldn't feel bad, as even the pop singer had trouble working some clues out.

In what may be a surprise to The Masked Singer's fan base, sometimes even the contestants aren't entirely sure what the clues mean. Jesse McCartney spoke to EW about his time on the show and how he struggled with some of the clues occasionally:

Yeah. And actually, I couldn't figure out a couple of them. And then I had to literally go on Reddit and Twitter and see what other people were figuring out about the clues about me, and I would go, ‘Oh, yeah, that must be it.’ So there were a couple of moments that happened as well, which is a little embarrassing, but oh well.

While The Masked Singer has become more or less notorious for its somewhat revealing clues, apparently there are some that are real brain busters. At least, hard enough that Jesse McCartney couldn't work out exactly what they meant, despite the fact these clues were modeled after his own career. Luckily, the internet was able to give McCartney an assist with some of the clues and come through with the answer as he was curious watching at home.

Jesse McCartney also revealed that while he provided a lot of the information for his clue packages via clues and interviews, The Masked Singer's producers were the ones transforming that into what's seen in the clue packages. With so many weeks in the competition and only so much information to work with, I can certainly understand how the imagery for clues can get a little vague.

Past contestants on The Masked Singer have spoken out about the clues, though few have claimed any of the clues were too hard. In fact, Season 2 contestant Laila Ali said she felt the clues that teased she was the Panda were way too easy. Ali did talk more about the process, saying that the contestants merely give interviews and that clues are crafted after their responses are given.

Clues in general have been a hot topic in regards to The Masked Singer, as it seems no clue is too difficult for millions of viewers equipped with social media and a search engine. Most contestants in each season have been sniffed out not long after their first performance in the first 3 seasons, and one has to wonder if that trend will continue in Season 4. Will fans continue to guess contestants correctly from the start, or will the new season have people feeling like Jesse McCartney at some points?

The Masked Singer Season 4 is currently in development and will return to Fox. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for updates on the show, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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