Why The Masked Singer Season 2 Will Be So Much Harder To Guess Right

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The gloves are off and the fake accents are ON for The Masked Singer Season 2. Now that everyone knows the game, the game is adapting to become that much harder. The first season of the FOX reality competition show was a surprise hit, and it sounds like the celebrity singers have raised the game to much more difficult heights. You're really going to have to work to guess right this time.

The Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy explained how Season 2 will be more challenging on every level:

We top [Season 1] by having more contestants, making the costumes even better, and also making the show much more difficult to play. They made the clue packages more difficult, and the contestants are playing with us. Like, literally they know the show now. So they come in saying 'OK, I'm going to mess with the judges and the audience. I'm going to throw my voice, I'm going to put on a whole different persona.' So that's how you level up, for sure.

Yasss. Jenny McCarthy previously mentioned there would be elevated costumes in Season 2, and host Nick Cannon said there'd be even more major celebrities. I like hearing more about the celebs messing with everyone.

Fellow judge Robin Thicke added more on that note to Us Weekly:

They're making it so much more challenging this year. They're changing their physical attributes, they're putting on body suits so we can't tell their body types. They're even masking their voices more than last time -- like somebody that might be from London is doing a Southern drawl when they talk or do clues, so it's been very difficult.

So the celeb contestants have really figured out how to use their pre-taped interviews to throw everyone off instead of giving away the game. I like it. It should make the guessing game a lot more fun for viewers, who already seemed to have a blast the first season -- even when it was pretty obvious who was who.

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Apparently it wasn't that easy to guess The Masked Singer Season 1's winner, though. According to Robin Thicke, Kevin Hart's own kids insisted that Hart was The Monster instead of T-Pain.

Also, if you're curious, Jenny McCarthy addressed the idea of her husband Donnie Wahlberg being on the show. He was an incorrect fan guess in Season 1, and now everyone wants him on the show. McCarthy said Wahlberg is a huge fan of the show and even does a countdown to episode launches. She said he'd be awesome on the show, but it's a matter of timing since he goes from touring to doing Blue Bloods.

The Masked Singer Season 2 premieres September 25 on FOX, and Season 3 will actually start right after The Super Bowl 2020.

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