Reality TV Stars Call For Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor To Get Fired Next

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Less than 24 hours after Bravo started cleaning house on Vanderpump Rules, reality stars are speaking out and telling the network that there are still more problematic cast members to drop. Jax Taylor is getting called out by a former castmate and the star of another reality series, and both hope he'll get taken off the show after their reminders of his past problematic actions.

Billie Lee, a former hostess at SUR from Seasons 6 and 7 of Vanderpump Rules, has now called to see Jax Taylor removed from the series. Lee, whose reasons for departing for the show were well-documented ahead of Season 8, shared why she thinks Taylor should get the boot as well.

Billie Lee stated that one of the reasons she left Vanderpump Rules was never feeling accepted amongst the cast to begin with. Lee cited "numerous instances" in an interview with Hollywood Life, one of which could be this incident with Jax Taylor she's posting about on Twitter.

Billie Lee’s tweet to Bravo was echoed by Vanderpump Rules fans, who brought up similar instances of Jax Taylor’s troubling behavior both online and otherwise. In regards to online behavior, former 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Smith shared a personal story in which Taylor made an offensive and possibly racially charged remark about her husband Jay Smith.

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It’s also worth noting that there’s online evidence that Jax Taylor was a part of the same controversy that resulted in the firings of former Vanderpump Rules castmembers Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute. While Taylor was not explicitly involved in calling the cops on costar Faith Stowers, Taylor perpetuated the belief that Stowers was wanted for crimes when responding to a fan in 2017.

Jax Taylor has seemingly deleted the tweet since then, but the receipts are still up online. Viewers on the platform began to share screenshots of the tweet in question, while others pointed out the irony in that Taylor, who has had run-ins with the law, was constructing claims Stowers was a criminal.

These instances and past behavior of Jax Taylor on Vanderpump Rules may have some wondering exactly why he wasn’t involved in the initial firings to begin with. Taylor is a known pot-stirrer on the program, and has a history of problematic behavior. Is the fact that he’s still around a sign that Bravo has no intention of removing him from its programming, or was it merely an oversight by Bravo as they made their cuts?

There's presumably a while for Bravo to decide on Jax Taylor's future, as Vanderpump Rules just concluded Season 8. Do you think Taylor should be among those removed from the cast after recent events? Be sure to sound off in our poll below, and continue to stick with CinemaBlend for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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