Popular Former Big Brother Contestant Seems To Be Fueling All-Star Season Rumors

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CBS has previously stated that plans for Big Brother Season 22 are still at play, and according to some recent (and as yet unconfirmed) rumors, fans can expect another all-star season. Such rumors have been fueled by certain Big Brother alumni dropping vague clues on social media that hint at the show making contact about the upcoming season, and one of those former contestants is a fairly popular standout that arguably left Season 21 too soon.

Now, Season 21 may be too early for some fans to consider any of those contestants an all-star, so to speak, but this former hopeful may change some minds when seeing who is potentially teasing a rare return on Twitter: Kemi Fakunle. She may not have gotten a long run in Big Brother, but provided she is indeed talking about appearing in Season 22, Fakunle could get another shot to play her game and win it all amongst other alumni. Here's what she said:

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Kemi Fakunle's post comes as reports are being publicized (via US Weekly) that former players are being contacted to gauge interest in Big Brother Season 22. Fakunle is not the most obvious choice, given she isn't actually a former winner of the show, and was actually one of the first to exit Season 21 thanks to Jackson Michie's Camp Counselor role. In other circumstances, Fakunle may have easily been one of the former cast members easily forgotten, but she was part of some unfortunate behind-the-scenes moments that caused a lot of controversy last year.

Big Brother fans first spoke out when contestant Jack Matthews targeted Kemi Fakunle early in Season 21, telling others in the house that he would "stomp a mud hole through her." Many thought the remark was racially charged, Jack later apologized to Kemi for his statement during the finale after being confronted by Julie Chen about the comments during his elimination weeks prior. Later it was revealed producers were given "unconscious bias" training that season, after an interview with Fakunle, the cast's only black female, revealed a producer tried to encourage her to act in a more stereotypical way.

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Big Brother fans have requested Kemi Fakunle return to get a better experience on the show ever since, and it's possible that may indeed happen in Season 22. While there's still nothing confirmed about whether or not Kemi will be a part of the cast, it is worth noting that another BB vet from an earlier season responded to her tweet not long after it was posted.

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Maybe it all means nothing, but maybe, just maybe, it means everything. Personally, I'm in the camp that thinks Kemi Fakunle deserves another run in Big Brother after her experiences, as should everyone who was eliminated as a result of Season 21's Camp Comeback. With that said, if I had to pick between Kemi, David Alexander, and Ovi Kabir, Kemi is certainly the top contender who most deserves a second chance. Hopefully Kemi is teasing what I think she's teasing, meaning she'll be back in the Big Brother house very soon.

Big Brother Season 22 is expected to return to CBS this summer. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more details on the season in the meantime, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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