Controversial Big Brother Winner 'Bitter' He Wasn't Asked To Be In Season 22

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Ever since it was teased that Season 22 of Big Brother could be an all-star season, speculation has been rampant about who will be participating. There have been leaks, teases, and even fan wish lists spread all over the internet and, now, we have another first. Controversial Big Brother Season 15 winner Andy Herren has confirmed that he has not been contacted yet by the show for Season 22, and he's bitter about it.

Herren took to social media amidst all the rumors and speculation about Big Brother and, regardless of whether or not the all-star season is legit, he has not been contacted. Andy Herren believes he's an all-star player, and alleged to followers he's as good if not better than some of the other winners that have been rumored to be participating:

As he mentioned in the tweet above, Andy Herren believes that being gay hurt his popularity and made CBS less likely to give him a favorable edit in Big Brother Season 15's televised episodes. If given the opportunity, Herren seems to think he'd mop the floor with some of the show's best but understands the chances of him getting contacted may even be less than 0 at the moment.

As Big Brother fans may know, Season 15 was shrouded in controversy after several instances of racism amongst contestants throughout the season. Herren and many other contestants ended up losing their real-life jobs for their remarks, and others were so bad they lost their jobs while the show was airing. Herren acknowledged Season 15 was problematic but had a counter to that argument:

Herren is right that Season 15 is not the only season in which Big Brother has had to deal with allegations of racism or homophobia. Much like with those seasons, CBS faced criticism from viewers for editing out some racism fans heard in the live stream footage of the show and attempting to paint the offenders in a more positive light in the televised episodes.

And while it is true that Big Brother must often address some level of racism or sexism in a season, the amount found in Season 15 was quite staggering. Several members of the cast were called out by viewers for their racist words or actions, though Andy Herren was admittedly under the radar in terms of coverage as opposed to other offenders. Even so, Herren confessed he wasn't blameless for his actions in the season either but argued he's atoned for those mistakes:

There are a lot of unknowns about Big Brother Season 22, though Andy Herren's tweets may be confirmation that players from Season 15 will not be welcomed back. Of course, nothing has been confirmed about Season 22 at the moment, so the best viewers can do is continue to speculate and wait for that official cast list to be revealed.

Season 22 of Big Brother is supposed to start later this summer at CBS. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in the world of television and movies.

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