Will Big Brother 2020 Be An All-Stars Season? One Past Winner Sounds Game

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Now that the sloppy mess of Big Brother 2019 is behind us, let's look ahead to next summer's Big Brother 2020. Julie Chen(-Moonves) put a call out for casting during the Big Brother 21 finale, but there's every chance we'll get another All-Stars season in 2020 for Big Brother 22. There are a few reasons for that.

For one, 2020 has a nice ring to it as a milestone year. Survivor will be launching Season 40 next year, reported to be an all-winners season. I could see Big Brother doing something similar, if not with all winners -- do they even have enough who'd return? -- then just with all-star returnees or a mix of all-stars and noobs.

Also, Big Brother 21 had a drop in viewers and ratings in the 2019 season. I would imagine a lot of that was tied to the many controversies, but I wouldn't be shocked if The Powers That Be decided the answer wasn't to fix any number of problems but to bring back favorite players. And hey, it just might work.

Big Brother 7 was Big Brother: All-Stars, the last full all-stars season. It would be fun to see something like that again, or they could take a page from Survivor and do Fans vs. Favorites.

When CBS announced that Big Brother 22 would officially be happening in summer 2020, Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez shared a reaction for his fellow meatballs:

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He added a wink, and later tweeted that he really doesn't mind just watching the show. But maybe Josh and his pots and pans will return for another season.

If we're talking winners, there are only 21 to choose from, and not all would be good choices to bring back. But I'd go for a season with Dr. Will, Jun Song, Boogie, Evel Dick, Dan Gheesling, Jordan Lloyd, Hayden Moss, Rachel Reilly, Ian Terry, Andy Herren, Derrick Levasseur, Nicole Franzel, Kaycee Clark, Steve Moses, Josh, and ... Jackson Michie? Eh. Might be too soon to see him again. Maybe bring back Maggie Ausburn instead, or dip into Big Brother OTT for Morgan Willett.

If we're talking all-stars as returnees who did NOT win, Big Brother could go for a Second Chances theme for final 3 players like Paul Abrahamian (yes, again), Tyler Crispen, Danielle Reyes, Janelle Pierzina, Nicole Anthony, Liz Nolan, Memphis Garrett, Daniele Donato, etc. That one could be fun.

If they mix returnees with new players, that does seem to give an advantage to the returnees in terms of at least one of them getting to the end. (Especially if they cast Paul and Dan. Apparently they are F2 catnip.) But maybe that's fine.

What do you hope Big Brother does for Season 22? I know the wounds from BB21 are still fresh, but don't pretend most if not all of us will be back for summer 2020. Every year, fans think another All-Stars season might be coming and most of the time that's not the case. But it does feel like Big Brother has a strong enough roster of alumni to bring back for 2020.

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