Big Brother Season 22 Already Has Four All-Stars Signed Up, According To New Rumor

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CBS has expressed a willingness to try and make Big Brother happen, and the reality series is rumored to be going all in with another all-star season. Since then, rumors have swirled about who may or may not be involved, and that continues with reports that four big names have already been locked down for Season 22.

As for who these four folks are, the report alleges that two of them come from Big Brother Season 16. Soap Dirt reports via an unnamed CBS insider that Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande are both on the docket for the alleged second all-star season. Levasseur is considered by some as one of the greatest players of Big Brother, and is celebrated for his in-game strategy. Grande, the brother of pop star Ariana Grande, was a fan favorite and entertaining player despite finishing in fifth place.

The remaining two competitors allegedly confirmed for Big Brother Season 22 include another winner, and one of the show's most notorious losers. Big Brother 19's Josh Martinez will look to secure a second win on the program, and will be joined by the notorious Paul Abrahamian in what could be their next great showdown.

Of course, Paul is more or less famous in Big Brother for being the only player in the show's history to finish in second place twice. The Season 18 and 19 competitor could finally see a win should he be participating in Big Brother Season 22, though personally, I think it'd be extra impressive if he managed to pull yet another runner-up finish.

As mentioned previously, the report states that these four are locks for Big Brother Season 22, though there has been no confirmation from CBS if this is the case. CBS has not even confirmed that the theme of the upcoming season is all-star, so there's still a lot of rumored information about this season to be confirmed or denied. Should we put our faith in all these reports or as Julie Chen would say, "expect the unexpected,"?

Another popular rumor floating around is that this upcoming season of Big Brother will feature a contestant who some believe didn't get a fair shake in Season 21: Kemi Fakunle. Much like Frankie Grande, Kemi is not a winner, so an all-star cast not being comprised exclusively of winners would perhaps give some optimism that she will be a part of the coming season. Right now it's all speculation, so all we can do is continue to take things with a grain of salt and hope the dream of another all-star season is finally coming true.

Big Brother Season 22 is planned to air sometime this summer, barring any major changes. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for any updates on the upcoming season, and for the latest news happening in the world of television and movies.

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