Why Doctor Who Might Take Longer To Come Back Than Other Shows

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Production shutdowns in March suspended filming on hundreds of television shows worldwide. As restrictions ease and businesses are opening back up, movies and TV shows alike are slowly starting to pick back up with filming. However, while CBS is the first network to resume production on a few series, Doctor Who on BBC might not be back too soon. A BBC executive recently revealed why the beloved series might take longer to come back than other shows.

Although certain productions are resuming, different locations may employ a number of different rules, safety measures, and general protocols when it comes to reopening. For example, sets in New Zealand might have different restrictions than productions filming in the UK or U.S. With that in mind, Doctor Who, which films in Wales, could be seeing a delayed return to filming due to local government guidelines. In an online Q&A (via RadioTimes.com), Rhodri Talfan Davies, Director of BBC Wales, was asked when Doctor Who could return to filming. Here’s what Davies said:

A production like that, which at any point employs hundreds of people, freelance and stuff, I don’t believe can be made to the current standard in a socially distanced environment. So it depends when you think social distancing is going to end.

Doctor Who Season 12 didn’t face any issues or delayed filming because the cast and crew wrapped production long before the shutdowns occurred. However, Season 13 could potentially be affected. That said, it was never confirmed when production on Season 13 was set to begin. But, if the show was scheduled to film later this summer or even early fall, there’s a chance that may be postponed. It all really depends on the “rules of social distancing” in Wales.

Keep in mind that when it comes to social distancing rules and regulations, things are constantly changing to ensure a safe working environment. One movie has already been shut down for failure to comply with such safety protocols. I wouldn’t want that to happen with Doctor Who and if that means the show might be pushed back a few months, then so be it.

The CW, for example, took into account that filming would probably not resume as previously scheduled, so all of the network’s fall shows will air in the winter of 2021 instead. Will BBC follow in that same path? It’s definitely possible.

It could be that Doctor Who’s Season 13 won’t premiere until well after the intended launch date prior to production shutdowns. Either way, nothing is yet confirmed regarding when the series is set to go back into production or when its next season will debut. Until then, Whovians have the Doctor Who Christmas special, called “Revolution of the Daleks,” to look forward to.

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Mae Abdulbaki