The 100's Lead Stars Shock Fans By Revealing They Got Married

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Well, this is some joyous news. In a twist worthy of The CW drama, two of The 100’s stars made a surprising announcement. They got married! Making it a shocker is that the couple has been keeping the relationship private, as in very private. They had not gone public with their romance until announcing their marriage. Who are they?

Two of The 100’s lead actors – Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley. Taylor plays Clarke Griffin, while Bob Morley portrays Bellamy Blake. The newlyweds made the announcement via their respective Twitter accounts. Here is a look at what the bride tweeted:

The picture reveals the duo showing off their wedding rings. Presumably, this photo is from their wedding day. Eliza Taylor asked for kindness, and that is what she has received on Twitter. Everyone from the creator of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale (Bruce Miller) to the Australian show Neighbours, congratulated the couple. Taylor is an alum of the latter mentioned series.

For fans who have always felt there was a spark of chemistry between Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley’s characters, this is huge. Taylor and Morley are not a couple on-screen as Clarke and Bellamy. However, there are fans that want them to be. Will art eventually imitate life? Stay tuned. As for Morley, Eliza Taylor’s husband posted this tweet sharing the news:

What a sweet message! Bob Morley did not include a picture with his marital message. In a world where privacy is a hard thing to come by and obtain, Morley and his now-wife achieved it. Aside from their screen chemistry on The 100 getting noted by fans, there were no outward clues about their relationship. They never publicly said they were dating.

Joining Twitter in congratulating the couple on their marriage was none other than The 100’s creator, Jason Rothenberg. He tweeted a message to the newlyweds and it has already garnered more than 15,000 likes. Check it out below:

Neither shared when they got married in their posts. Eliza Taylor mentioned “recently.” As for when their romantic relationship began, neither said when it started. The pair have been co-stars ever since The 100 debuted five years ago on The CW in 2014. Albeit, technically a bit before that, considering filming. Both are original cast members.

The 100 Bob Morley Bellamy Blake Eliza Taylor Clarke Griffin The CW

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Bob Morley’s co-star Marie Avgeropoulos teased that The 100 would shock viewers with something that happens between Octavia and her brother in Season 6. So, no shortage of excitement on the series awaits.

Thankfully for the couple, there is no indication that Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley will stop being co-stars any time soon. The series got renewed alongside three other shows back in April. That upcoming season will be Season 7. The 100’s sixth season is currently airing.

Before it premiered, Bob Morley told CinemaBlend’s Laura Hurley that Season 6 would “recreate the wheel” on a “larger scale.” Continue watching to see how The 100 does it. Can the series pull off as big of a shocker as Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor getting married? It will be tough for The 100 to top this real-life twist.

New episodes of The 100 air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW, this summer. The first five seasons of the series are currently available to binge on Netflix, along with other new content.

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