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How Kenya Barris Got His Kids To Help #BlackAF Feel Real

#BlackAF Kenya Barris Netflix
(Image credit: Netflix)

When it came to making #BlackAF feel real, Kenya Barris recruited help incredibly close to him. Barris utilized his kids, and they came through in a significant way for their dad. The Netflix hit is one of Barris’ creations, with one big difference. He stars in the comedy!

Kenya Barris has weighed in on those comparing #BlackAF to his ABC hit, Black-ish, and now he is sharing how his kids helped keep #BlackAF authentic. In a neat starting point, the Netflix series is based on the genuine life experiences of Barris, who has six children, a trait which Barris's eponymously-named character on #BlackAF also shares.

The Netflix series is loosely based on Kenya Barris’ life and his family. So, who is better able to make sure that #BlackAF felt real than Barris’ children? After all, viewers of the show are getting to see somewhat of a glimpse into Barris’ life. All of the kids stepped up to the plate big time for their dad, as Barris told Variety:

I made sure my oldest daughter read every script; my middle daughter, who’s a super film buff, read every outline before I showed her the script; my youngest daughter came to editing a few times. So many of their friends watch Netflix, I definitely made sure to give them a heads-up. The biggest boost I needed was that my daughters got behind me.

It would seem that all of Kenya Barris’ daughters supported him. From reading all of the scripts, to the outlines and the editing, Barris’ kids were all incredibly involved in the process for #BlackAF. The result has been yet another well-received series from Barris, who already has not one, but two spinoffs for ABC’s Black-ish.

Like Black-ish, Kenya Barris uses his real-life to help inspire the storylines on #BlackAF. Considering the magnitude of a Netflix audience, it makes total sense for Barris to want all of his older daughters on board. Barris’ kids, including his film buff middle daughter, apparently approved. But, he did not say what, if any, edits they thought he should make.

#BlackAF follows Kenya Barris as he works to raise his family in Hollywood. A theme that Barris is quite familiar with, as he has navigated the industry for many years now. Speaking of his real life versus his reel life, Barris does reportedly tell his kids what things from their younger years they can expect to see make it on screen. That's a consideration I would imagine they probably appreciate, seeing as how what Kenya Barris features in his shows is immortalized forever.

Another thing you have to think about is the fact that getting a chance to be so up-close-and-personal with the scripts for #BlackAF is an excellent place for Kenya Barris’ kids to be inspired to take on their own Hollywood projects at some point.

Their dad has undoubtedly given them a lot of insight into his process. I think it was sweet of Kenya Barris to count on his kids with his Netflix show.

You can currently stream Season 1 of #BlackAF on Netflix. The series is one of the streamer’s 2020 premieres. While you wait for Season 2, you can check out what this summer’s schedule has in store.

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