90 Day Fiance's Sumit Called Out For Bizarre And Improper House Blessing

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Warning! The following contains spoilers to the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way episode "My Life In 7 Suitcases." Read at your own risk!

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way finally reunited Jenny and Sumit and, while things aren't ideal, the couple certainly seems to be in a better place than they were the last time they tried to live together. Sumit even managed to get the two a home in India, complete with a housewarming ceremony to properly make it a home.

The ritual, which took place shortly after the couple arrived back from the airport, featured a cow and a lot of theatrics. The moment may have been bizarre for American viewers and, apparently, it was also weird for Indian viewers as well. A resident from the country hopped on Reddit after the episode's airing to call out Sumit and TLC for the improper and bizarre housewarming ceremony:

Maybe TLC thought it would be fun story but no house blessing ceremony happens at night anywhere in the country. It doesn't matter what community you belong to but it is pretty much ingrained in all of us that we don't move in officially to a house after sunset. Any blessing ceremony happens after dawn and with clean clothes. Please, not someone traveling for 20+ hours and still smelling of jetlag. LOL. Nope! One is expected and required to take a bath before such ceremony - it is part ritual, common sense and basic etiquette. You might move in out of necessity in the evening but any blessing/puja/ceremony will be done in the morning, I repeat, morning! This is so common that you can't get packers & movers after 6.30 PM because it is considered inauspicious to move in or move out after sunset. If you move out by the evening, you still have to come in the morning to hand over the keys to the house owner as they will not accept keys in the evening.

According to this person, the fact that this ritual happened at night was incredibly improper. If that's the case, then one has to wonder why Sumit decided to do one immediately after an exhausted Jenny stepped out of the cab. Perhaps he had nothing to do with it and 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way wanted the blessing to be filmed after arrival as to cut down on time they needed to film?

That's not the only part of the ceremony that can't be explained either. The ritual shown on the TLC series was allegedly conducted improperly beyond the time of day and had a guest that, apparently, is not typical to the experience:

I have never seen a cow at a house blessing I have attended but this looks like some rural area. So maybe it happens there. But, the pot on her head looked like a bride thing to do which made me roll my eyes because she is not yet married to him and two, it looked like she walked in with her left foot (though I can't be sure since the camera cut) So, just info: walking in for the first time with your left foot is such a no-no! Walk in with your right foot always when entering a house if you are going to be the lady of the house.

Sounds like Sumit and/or TLC messed this house blessing all up, and that cow took a dump in he and Jenny's entryway for no reason. Hopefully, this isn't the start of a bad run for the couple as they begin their new life in India but, given the trend with most these couples, trouble always seems to come sooner than later.

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