Watch Out, Kelly Clarkson Is Coming For That EGOT Status

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Kelly Clarkson is many things professionally speaking -- a singer, television host, reality competition coach, and voice actress. Now, she could be ready to come for that EGOT status. What is the EGOT? Well, it's an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winner, which brings you to EGOT. Clarkson already had the Grammy down and, now, she is one step closer to completing the EGOT after a new awards win.

During the recent Daytime Emmy Awards, Kelly Clarkson made a huge EGOT gain by winning the Emmy for Entertainment Talk Show Host for her daytime talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. Her big step forward was not lost on Clarkson and, following her victory, she took to Twitter to talk about the EGOT:

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Ever humble, Kelly Clarkson’s laughing-crying emojis indicate that she knows that she's halfway to joining John Legend as an EGOT. Clarkson’s Voice co-star already achieved EGOT status back in 2018. Legend is one of the elite few to earn the nod. As of now, there are only 15 EGOTS, making it an ultra-exclusive club.

For Kelly Clarkson to join the club, she now has to set her sights on winning an Oscar and a Tony. Winning an Oscar for a theatrical song is one of the ways that Clarkson could win that award, so it's not out of the question. Coincidentally, Clarkson actually has a song on the Trolls World Tour soundtrack.

The American Idol winner’s reaction to having to film From Justin to Kelly indicates that she is unlikely to go the acting route to win an Oscar. As for the Tony award, Clarkson would have to bring down the house with a Broadway performance. On that front, she could aim to direct the music for a Broadway play if she prefers not to go the acting route.

Clarkson may have two more awards to go, but getting those first two down is an impressive feat as is. Unfortunately for Clarkson, her pop-culture status from 40-Year-Old Virgin is not part of the EGOT. Though at least she has the EGOT on her mind because it is something worth aiming for.

In the meantime, Kelly Clarkson has another season of The Voice (and poking fun at Blake Shelton) to look forward to. As for her Daytime Emmy win, it has to be huge for Clarkson. Not only does it bring her one step closer to the EGOT, but it also means she is not the only one who has enjoyed her making balloon animals.

Her award win also comes during a period of transition in her life, as she recently filed for divorce from her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock. However, Clarkson gave him an appreciative shoutout following her Daytime Emmy win since Blackstock is also her manager.

Be sure to check your local listings to learn when and where The Kelly Clarkson Show airs in your area. Kelly Clarkson’s chatfest will be airing new alongside this summer’s premieres. She will also back for another season of The Voice, which will return at some point on NBC.

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