What Really Pushed The Voice's Kelly Clarkson's Marriage To Divorce

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Hollywood has historically been home to some shocking splits, but news that Kelly Clarkson’s marriage is ending in divorce has to be one of the most surprising reveals in recent memory. Last week, The Voice star left fans stunned with the news that she is divorcing her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock. What really pushed Clarkson’s marriage to divorce, though?

One of the things that made word of Kelly Clarkson’s divorce so shocking is that there seemed to be no issues prior to the news breaking. At least, as far as the outside world could tell. Now some alleged details are beginning to surface for the split, and some of it reportedly has to do specifically with Clarkson and her husband’s shared time in quarantine.

The Voice wrapped up a while ago, but Kelly Clarkson has still been hard at work on her much-loved talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. As fans know, Clarkson had been doing the show from her and her husband’s Montana home. Accordingly, one source described the split as coming “out of nowhere” to People, saying that the stress of quarantining made the couple’s issues worse. Another “insider” was quoted as saying the below about Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s marriage turning to divorce:

Things had changed in their marriage, and the split was a while coming[.] They both work so hard. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy each other, especially with the children needing constant attention.

Life as working parents apparently caught up with Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson had publicly alluded to the struggles that had come from being stuck in such close quarters for months and months. In the end, the living/working situation only put a spotlight on any existing problems they may have had, and Clarkson decided to file for divorce from Blackstock.

It is a sad situation for everyone involved, and Kelly Clarkson and her family will have to navigate the rough waters yet to come. Brandon Blackstock is a producer for Clarkson’s personality-driven chat-fest, which will possibly stretch the tension out. That's not the only commitment that Clarkson has, of course, as she will be returning for another season of The Voice, which should feature some more zingers from the pop singer. (As well as the return of Gwen Stefani as a coach.)

Prior to the divorce news, Kelly Clarkson had admitted to People that life as a working mother had its challenges. Between The Voice, The Kelly Clarkson Show, her vocal work in Trolls 2, and her bustling music career, Clarkson has had a lot going on in the past couple of years. Could all of this eventually lead to her taking a page from Sara Gilbert’s notebook? The Talk creator announced her exit from hosting duties last year amid concerns of missing out on family time as her career got especially busy. So far, though, it has been business as usual for the uber-busy celeb.

What's arguably the most shocking element in all this is that the split between Kelly Clarkson and her husband had reportedly been coming for a while. Yet in the days before their divorce came public, there were articles going around detailing their happiness and how they achieved their marital bliss. It is surprising to see an outwardly comfortable relationship take such a U-turn in a seemingly short period. It is sad that the quarantine reportedly had this impact; while a lot of TV series took a hiatus due to the pandemic, both of Clarkson’s shows continued, which probably didn't help.

Could those shows taking a breather instead have helped Kelly Clarkson’s marriage have one too? It is anyone’s guess. Check your local listings to see when The Kelly Clarkson Show airs in your area. The chat-fest will be airing new alongside this summer’s premieres.

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