Is Stargirl Adding Its Own Green Arrow After Latest Episode?

Spoilers ahead for Episode 9 of Stargirl Season 1, called "Brainwave."

The plot has officially thickened on Stargirl, with the latest episode ending on twists of Courtney figuring out that Jordan Mahkent is Icicle and then Barbara walking in on Courtney and Pat arguing over the Cosmic Staff, which was unfortunately glowing and hovering at the time. While these twists threaten to overshadow the smaller moments of "Brainwave," there was a development that indicates Stargirl could bring in its own Green Arrow.

"Brainwave" pretty definitively confirmed that there is (or at least was) a Green Arrow on Earth-2 thanks to an old photo that Pat Dugan showed Courtney when they were discussing Dr. Ito. Pat revealed that he and Sylvester Pemberton had been part of a different team prior to joining the JSA, and the team was known as "The Seven Soldiers of Victory," even though there were eight of them, and one of them was toting a bow and quiver:

stargirl screenshot seven soldiers of victory dc universe

Yes, that is Green Arrow standing second from the left in the top row of Pat's Seven Soldiers of Victory. He's definitely not the Green Arrow of Arrow, and that is certainly not Stephen Amell wearing the outfit. In fact, Pat didn't specifically name the man, only mentioning Vigilante, Crimson Avenger, and Wing. That said, Courtney noted him and called him "Robin Hood." Courtney noting him guaranteed that viewers would notice him. Could that mean this Green Arrow will turn up on Stargirl?

Pat didn't drop a ton of details about The Seven Soldiers of Victory, but what he did say suggests that the Earth-2 Green Arrow could very well still be out there, fighting crime with what looks like a sidekick. Is Stargirl introducing its own version of Speedy? Here's what Pat had to say about the Seven Soldiers of Victory:

They were good men, trying their best. Though each one of them had their struggles. Dr. Ito, he built a living weapon designed to eradicate New York. We destroyed it. The Seven Soldiers never got the credit that the Justice Society did, but we saved lives, cities, even the world once. I lost touch with all them years ago. I wish I knew where they were. We need all the help we can get.

While Pat didn't sound like he was remembering lots of good times when he thought about his former teammates, saying that he "lost touch" doesn't indicate to me that any of them died. He seemingly still thinks highly enough of them that he wishes he and Courtney could call upon them for help. A big question is what caused the Seven Soldiers of Victory to break up in the first place.

The good news is that Stargirl has plenty of time to potentially introduce its own Green Arrow in the flesh. The show has already been renewed for a second season, with a big change. If the Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff of Arrow doesn't get picked up, Stargirl may be The CW's only shot at an Emerald Archer!

For now, you can find new episodes of Stargirl streaming Mondays on DC Universe and airing Tuesdays on The CW at 8 p.m. ET. The rest of The CW's superhero shows won't be back for a while, so be sure to tune in! For more of what you can watch and when you can watch it, check out our 2020 summer TV premiere schedule.

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