Could DC's Stargirl Get Crossovers With The Arrowverse? Here's What Geoff Johns Says

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The world could definitely use a big dose of optimistic superheroism right now, and that's exactly what DC's Stargirl is bringing to the table in droves. With Brec Bassinger as the titular heroine (whose alter ego is Courtney Whitmore), Stargirl in some ways feels like a more polished take on The Flash's earliest episodes, when Barry Allen was just kinda wowed by everything around him. And even though the show is just starting up, it's never too early to wonder if Stargirl and Flash might team up in a future Arrowverse crossover, right?

Fans will remember that Stargirl did appear for a brief moment during the Arrowverse's most recent crossover event, the all-inclusive "Crisis on Infinite Earths." It obviously wasn't clear at the time whether her presence was more of a well-placed nod, such as that 1989 Batman reference, or if it was meant to hint at the potential for future crossovers. But now, Stargirl's TV and comic creator Geoff Johns has shared his thoughts about the possibility, saying this to TV Guide:

We're thrilled to be a part of the Arrowverse. We're all up for any of [the crossovers] whenever it makes sense. If there's a cool opportunity to do it, that'd be great.

Clearly, Geoff Johns' phrasing there embraces the idea that Courtney Whitmore's Stargirl is already part of the Arrowverse, though it might be best not to try and figure out all the timeline details just yet. For clarity's sake, it's around 99.99% certain that DC Universe's Stargirl won't feature any hat tips to the CW's superhero universe, considering the "Crisis" crossover and CW airings came into play later into Stargirl's production.

But it's now entirely possible to bring Courtney into The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman or Black Lightning. Especially since all of those shows' follow-up seasons have been postponed to 2021. That said, we already know the next Arrowverse crossover is going to be a far more limited affair, so maybe don't plan for that to mark her return.

If Legends of Tomorrow kicks off with someone talking about needing a giant robot that has a habit of punching itself in the face, we'll know to expect Luke Wilson's S.T.R.I.P.E. at some point.

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Just because fans aren't going to see Grant Gustin's Barry Allen in the first season of DC's Stargirl doesn't mean that the show won't be showcasing any other heroes beyond Brec Bassinger's agile badass. She's carrying the torch for the Justice Society of America, after all, and Geoff Johns has already teased that the chances are decent that the Green Lantern and/or The Flash will show up in some way on Stargirl. How amazing would it be if Stargirl's Jay Garrick was also played by The Flash's John Wesley Shipp?

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