T.J. Watt Tried To Roast J.J. Watt, But The Big Brother Fired Back

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Ultimate Tag has been one of the few high-level sports on television for weeks now, and the NFL's Watt brothers have been steering the ship as hosts from day one. The taggers do most of the work of course, but J.J., Derek, and T.J. are there to commentate and react whenever someone does something awesome or fails spectacularly.

The job may look easy, but make no mistake. Some of that is made to look easy due to work behind the scenes. T.J. Watt showed viewers some of that hard work recently and tried to roast his brother in the process with a tweet that revealed J.J. putting in some work on the show in a somewhat unexpected way.

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Anyone with siblings knows that T.J. Watt just had that picture waiting in his camera roll to upload to Twitter at the right moment. It is completely normal for hosts of shows to practice and do rehearsals, but it's not like J.J. Watt is Ryan Seacrest. Saying "It's time to play tag" is a good chunk of his hosting duties in the Ultimate Tag episode, so it would appear younger brother T.J. had some fun mocking him for that.

J.J. Watt didn't become a dominant NFL athlete by letting other men win battles against him, and I would assume that's especially true with his younger brothers. The Houston Texans star clapped back at his brother, in a savage way that only a big brother can.

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An underrated aspect of J.J. Watt's tweet is that the response came only ten minutes after the original post. That's pretty quick for such a savage response, though I would expect nothing less from two siblings looking to give each other a hard time on social media. The only letdown of this exchange was that Derek didn't throw in on the drama, but maybe J.J. going straight for the throat on T.J. made him decide to sit on the sidelines.

Of course, the skeptic in me thinks that this whole exchange is a manufactured jab made explicitly to promote Ultimate Tag and get it trending. At the same time, anything referencing the show that isn't outwardly negative could be seen as promotion, so I'll choose to believe this was a real moment between two brothers that Fox capitalized on while the show was airing. That's not hard to believe because fights between brothers can be far more brutal, so maybe we should all be thankful this one didn't go over the top.

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