Free Britney Rumors: What's Really Going On With Britney Spears' Conservatorship And Mental Health

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We all know that pop superstar Britney Spears has had a lot of personal issues over more than a decade of her very public life, with most of those issues surrounding her mental health. Well, the #FreeBritney movement is up in arms again, after the singer posted some odd dance videos online, so let's break down the rumors and see what's really going on with her current mental state and the conservatorship she's been under since 2008.

Alright, if you follow Britney Spears on Instagram, you've likely noticed that she's spent the past several days posting a series of dance videos, odd selfies and random pictures. She does not appear to be in the best mental state in many of the videos and selfies, which has led to many of her fans, once again, believing that she's being held against her will and is not in total control of the content we're seeing on her social media, which TMZ reports is not the case. Let's take a look at one of the recent dance videos which has gotten the #FreeBritney movement worked up, and we can discuss what's come from it in a bit.

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For people who are not #FreeBritney diehards, this will likely just look like an odd video filled with somewhat random seeming interpretive dance movements, but those who feel that Britney Spears is being held against her will are actually seeing signs in this, and other, videos and photos that Spears is trying to indicate that she needs help from her fans.

They began commenting on her posts many days ago, and asking her if she's OK, which then turned to asking Britney Spears to deliver specific signs in her posts if she needs assistance. That request for visual clues included asking Spears to either "wear black if you need help," or "wear pink if you are in trouble," and, as you can see, she did both by wearing the pink and black polka dot shorts. This has led many to see posts like the one above and read it as a coded message to her fans, as the three comments below show:

She literally makes some kind of illuminati symbol and after that the video cuts to a part where billie says ’i wanna end me’My comments were deleted yesterday. The title is “need I say more” with the thumbnail picture using an illuminati sign hand gesture. The song “bury a friend” is written about the illuminati. NEED SHE SAY MORE????? I don’t think it’s to do with the actual illuminati but she is using this as a message!!!!!!!!!!!!She is repeatedly trying to show the black dot on her hand. And its not in any other of her videos. Neither any previous nor the Rihanna one. Idk something isn't right. She's doing everything people are saying to do if she's in trouble.

In another dance video posted a bit later, and while wearing the same outfit, Spears also crosses her arms in an "X" and many #FreeBritney fans have taken that to mean that she's not alright, meaning that all of this has led to increased speculation about her dad, Jamie Spears, and the conservatorship she's under. In truth, the singer isn't OK, but not because she's being held against her will.

Sources for TMZ have stated that the problem lies firmly with Spears' mental illness, and the fact that the medication plan she had been under hasn't been working and that her doctors haven't been able to find a combination of drugs which will return her to a more balanced state. This means that she has been difficult to deal with and has complained about wanting to do more things, but because her doctors have not yet been able to find a combination of medications which will help her, she can't be given additional control over her life. And, this is likely why we're seeing so many strange posts from Spears.

It was just in April 2019 that Spears had to use her social media to reassure fans that she was doing what needed to be done for her mental health, after she took time away from the spotlight to stay in a facility which helped her deal with stress after her father suffered a serious string of illnesses. Spears seems to still be in a situation where her mental health is not the best, and needs the guidance of those in the conservatorship (who also include doctors, lawyers, a judge and therapists) to help her, probably for the rest of her life. And, the idea that Spears' father could do anything against the wishes of the others (like hold his daughter captive) without the judge being told, is incredibly unlikely.

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