Britney Spears Celebrates 20 Years Of Baby One More Time With Memorable Post

Britney Spears "Make Me" Music Video

Time sure does fly by, doesn't it? Can you believe that a whole two decades go, Britney Spears released her hit-making album,... Baby One More Time, onto the world? Spears surely can't. In a nostalgic look back at the album that made her a very big name in the music business, the singer said the following:

Can you believe that this album was released 20 years ago today??!! I can't. It's definitely been the journey of a lifetime, full of ups and downs, but I'm grateful for every single moment of it all. Getting to know you all over the years has been such an incredible experience, and has made this all worth it. Thank you for your support from 20 years ago, all the way to today. I am blessed.

The Instagram announcement and remembrance from Britney Spears came out over the weekend on the album's official 20th release date anniversary. The post was also accompanied by a photo of the best-selling album's cover, which finds Britney Spears youthful and eager to take on the world at large. It is certainly a cause of nostalgia and celebration for Spears; it's not every day that your star-making album becomes two decades older. Sure enough, Britney Spears finds herself a bit overwhelmed with emotions on this particular anniversary. As she admitted this weekend, it's been a bit of a "journey."

Britney Spears album cover

Life has given Britney Spears a lot of ups and also downs. She would likely be the first to admit as much. But when you look back on ... Baby One More Time, the 1999 release that is not only Britney Spears' best-selling album of all-time, but one of the best-selling albums of all-time, period, what she has done for pop music is still an incredible achievement. Plus, during her heyday she nabbed Grammy nominations, many radio-friendly hit singles and millions of dollars earned for Spears' brand. When looking back on the album that started it all, Spears finds herself filled with many happy emotions about what she has accomplished and how this album became such a major hit in her life and career. It's certainly a big deal.

There has been much that has been written about Britney Spears, and there is a lot that will likely be said about her in the future. For now, looking back on the days when Spears' was just beginning to become the household name she is today, it's easy to find the pop musician being wistful, teary-eyed and deeply nostalgic about the record that placed her in music history forever. A lot has happened in 20 years, and yet, many things are still the same.

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