How Former WWE Star Dasha Gonzalez Hopes Her Titan Games Appearance Changed Minds About Professional Wrestling

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Titan Games' Season 2 episode that aired Monday, July 20. Read at your own risk!

One doesn't get on The Titan Games out of blind luck. It takes hard work, and a skills test to prove you are capable of winning big on television and taking on The Rock's unique challenges that create Titans. It's a challenge that former WWE star and current AEW talent Dasha Gonzalez (real name Dasha Kuret) relished and hoped would change some minds about professional wrestling.

Dasha Gonzalez wanted to show the world how tough she can be, and while she ended up falling short of defeating reigning Titan Haley Johnson in their first outing, the wrestler may have changed some minds about pro wrestlers. Gonzalez spoke to Wrestling Inc. about her experience on The Titan Games:

Often wrestlers get a bad rap. 'We all know wrestling is fake.' You have to be an athlete in order to compete in the ring. Hopefully, we'll open new eyes.

Dasha Gonzalez wasn't hoping to convince viewers that wrestling is some major-stakes, brutal affair that is 100% real. She did, however, want the world to see that competing in a wrestling ring is no easy task, and it takes a high level of athleticism to keep it up in that industry. The world Gonzalez is from may be considered "fake," but the athleticism and strength she showed on The Titan Games was not.

Of course, it's hard to imagine there are too many fans of The Titan Games looking down on the accolades of professional wrestlers. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's muscles aren't just for show, and while he still does a lot of his action sequences in a medium that's fake, he has posted ample gym videos to show how tough he is. Dasha Gonzalez doesn't have quite the same star power but wanted to represent on behalf of The Rock and other professional wrestlers out there all the same.

Not only being a former performer for WWE, but now with All Elite Wrestling. I thought, 'Many, I'm representing the company I work for. I'm representing the wrestling community.' I wanted to do the best I could and prove to everyone I'm an athlete. I've been training in the ring as well too. I have always been very athletic too. So having that bond. Wrestling community is like a family regardless of whatever organization you're in. We all have a common love for sports entertainment, wrestling, being active, putting on a show.

Though Dasha Gonzalez was defeated, she will get another crack at becoming the Eastern Titan in the finals. She was pretty dominant in the opening rounds of the episode, so I like her chances of making a comeback and getting a chance to compete in the finale against the other regional champs.

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