Ellen DeGeneres Show Producer Addresses Cancellation Rumors

Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2020)

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been the subject of some significant controversy as of late. The long-running talk show most recently made headlines after former employees alleged that the producers created a toxic working environment. Since those initial reports, employees have also come forward alleging that there was sexual misconduct on the set. With so many allegations surrounding the show, some are starting to wonder if its future on NBC is in jeopardy. However, one Ellen producer is shooting down those rumors.

When a Twitter user mentioned the notion of The Ellen DeGeneres Show getting cancelled, executive producer Andy Lassner replied with a brief comment:

Nobody is going off the air.

It’s a simple statement, but it’s one that clearly sums up Andy Lassner’s thoughts on the matter. It should also be noted that at this time, NBC has not made any indication that The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be cancelled.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show first courted controversy back in April when employees alleged that they were being treated poorly during the show’s “remote” phase. This reportedly included being kept in the dark about their compensation for almost a month. Warner Bros. immediately put out a statement saying that employees had been paid fairly.

The aforementioned toxic environment claims were first reported a few weeks ago. In the reports, current and former employees alleged that employees were fired for taking medical or bereavement leave, and racial discrimination was also cited as being prevalent on set. None of the claims were directly aimed at Ellen DeGeneres, but many believe she should “take more responsibility” when it comes to her work environment.

Soon after, Warner Bros. Television launched an investigation into the show. This was soon followed by reports of alleged sexual misconduct from top executives on the show as well as the head writer. These claims were reportedly corroborated by 36 former employees.

Ellen DeGeneres has acknowledged the allegations and, in a recent statement, she thanked her crew for their contributions to the show. She also admitted that as the show has grown, she hasn’t been able to stay on top of things quite as much. Additionally, she voiced her hope that she could help to create positive change on the set moving forward.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show actually isn’t the only TV production facing controversy at the moment. Veteran CBS producer Peter Lenkov was recently fired for allegedly creating toxic environments on the sets of his shows.

Television networks have gradually been making strides in tackling toxicity of any kind when it comes to their productions, and the recent action taken on The Ellen DeGeneres Show seem to indicate that. We’ll continue to watch the situation as the internal investigation moves forward.

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