Big Brother Spoilers: Who Is Nominated And Who Is The Target After Week 1?

Cody Calafiore Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother All-Stars' Week 1 nominations. Read at your own risk!

The first nominations for eviction are in on Big Brother All-Stars, and after much debate, Cody Calafiore (former winner Derrick Levasseur's right-hand man) has made his choices for the nomination. As live-feeders have seen, it has not been an easy decision as Cody was begging for houseguests to feed him names, and no one was willing to break that taboo of telling the Head Of Household what to do.

Nevertheless, Cody persisted and ultimately decided to put Kevin Campbell and Keesha Smith up on the block. Here's how both reacted to the news, what their potential moves are going to be in the coming week, and who ultimately is Cody's target in the opening week of Big Brother All-Stars.

Kevin Campbell Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Kevin Campbell

You just have to feel for Kevin Campbell this week, who had a genuine heart-to-heart with Cody Calafiore beforehand. He did not see the nomination coming, and he looked to be taking the news harder than Keesha for sure. That said, he's on Big Brother All-Stars for a reason, so don't think Kevin is going to roll over and roll out of the house just yet.

Truth be told, I think he has a decent shot of surviving. Kevin is already talking to Cody, who looked pretty distraught after he talked to Kevin ahead of nominations. Cody clearly felt bad blindsiding him like that, and I think that combined with the fact that Kevin fits into the scheme of the all-male alliance means there's hope for him yet. Personally, I think Kevin has the better shot of winning Cody's favor than Keesha, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him survive even without the veto.

Keesha Smith Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Keesha Smith

Unlike Kevin Campbell, Keesha Smith saw it coming from a mile away. Not only was she not surprised, but she's not about to leave the house without a fight. Kevin is going to have his work cut out for him because Keesha seems bound and determined to win.

Keesha has the strength of some key women in the house behind her, so I think she could stay afloat without Cody Calafiore's blessing. Even so, Keesha is talking to Cody too, so it's really going to be a battle between her and Kevin to stay alive in the house.

Who Is The Actual Target?

Cody Calafiore put Kevin Campbell and Keesha Smith on the block, but he has already told both were was not the people he wanted to put up. Not because no one in the house had a reason for going up though, because it seems apparent Cody's original plan was to nominate Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha.

Janelle and Kaysar managed to win some immunity this week thanks to the Safety Suite win, so I think Kevin and Keesha are the actual targets this week. Additionally, I don't see anyone in the house using the veto and going against Cody at this time, as a pull-down from the block would only draw some unwanted attention their way. I don't see nominations changing at this stage unless of course Kevin or Keesha wins the veto competition.

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