Big Brother Spoilers: Will The Veto Winner Change The Nominations?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the upcoming week of Big Brother All-Stars. Read at your own risk!

Cody Calafiore's Head of Household week has been an odd one, as the first HOH of Big Brother All-Stars has tried to keep as little blood on his hands (despite some controversy) as possible. He's done that to the point that he basically begged other houseguests to choose his nominations for him but, of course, these all-stars weren't willing to break the taboo of running another houseguest's HOH.

Eventually, Cody came up with the idea of putting Kevin Campbell and Keesha Smith up on the block. There was definitely a sense in the house that it wasn't who he originally wanted but, in either case, the two houseguests had to compete with others in the veto and hope against hope they could convince someone to pull them off the block. Here's what went down, what the veto winner is thinking, and how things have developed in the time since.

Who Won The Veto In Week 1

While we don't know what this week's veto competition was, we do know who competed and who won. Cody Calafiore, Keesha Smith, Kevin Campbell, Ian Campbell, Tyler Crispen, and Enzo Palumbo were all set to compete. There was some chatter ahead of the competition -- namely, Nicole Franzel hinted to Ian he shouldn't gun for the veto because she was sure he'd be safe this week.

The feeds went dark for the competition but, when they returned, it was Enzo standing tall with the power of veto. Enzo was selected by Kevin to play for the veto competition, but does that necessarily mean that Enzo will bail him out when it's time for the veto meeting?

How Enzo Will Use The Power Of Veto

As mentioned, Enzo Palumbo has won the power of veto after getting chosen by Kevin Campbell to play. That decision was made more or less because Kevin didn't have any better options, but Enzo was motivated to win the veto all the same. Unfortunately, for Kevin, it appears that Enzo was playing to win to stay in the good graces of Cody much more than he was trying to help Kevin.

From what has been heard on the live feeds so far, Enzo has no plans to use the power of veto. Cody wants to keep nominations the same and, given he's not looking to have blood on his hands, there are no secret plans for a first-week backdoor nomination. Apologies to Kevin and Keesha, but it doesn't look like any wheeling or dealing will get them pulled from the block.

Who Is The Target?

For now, it seems like Cody Calafiore is trying to rally a group of guys together for an alliance in the opening weeks of the game. Kevin Campbell wasn't originally included in this group, but he's saying the right things to Cody at the moment, which make it sound like he'll instruct anyone willing to work with him to vote Keesha Smith.

For now, Kevin Campbell just needs to continue to pledge loyalty to Cody Calafiore and keep from panicking. As it stands, he's become the pawn when it originally seemed like Cody could care less regarding which of the two is eliminated. As long as both men can keep the rest of the house outside Cody's fold out of the loop that he would rather keep Kevin, I'm thinking it's a safe bet at this point that Keesha Smith will be the first person out of Big Brother All-Stars.

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