Big Brother's Plans Of How To Run Season 22 Have Allegedly Been Revealed

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Big Brother speculation has ramped up once again, though the past week has been filled with questions about whether or not the rumored all-star season would even happen. COVID-19 diagnosis has increased in the Los Angeles area recently and, once again, restrictions are being put in place to slow the spread of illness and keep folks home. The good news is Big Brother has allegedly been preparing for any lockdowns and doing what it can to be in the best position to make the season happen.

One of the alleged biggest issues with Big Brother Season 22 in recent weeks is that there was a requirement that the show's crew would need to be in quarantine the same as the cast to create a truly safe environment. It's quite a commitment considering the crew would spend 90 days in isolation alongside the cast, and not have a chance at the grand prize.

The good news is Big Brother has allegedly found a way around that problem and will be able to safely stagger its crew throughout Season 22. According to TMZ, the plan is for the show to create a bubble situation similar to what the NBA has done and that crew members will stay in RVs next to the show's set. As for scheduling, the crews will spend one month on, get two weeks off, then will quarantine for two weeks to return to the Big Brother set.

It's probably not ideal for the crew but certainly a better alternative than a staff being required to stay on site for the entire 90 days it takes to complete a season of Big Brother. One would think that, under these guidelines, CBS should be able to prove it can safely conduct Season 22 without fear of being shut down.

Some may question why CBS has to take such precautions for its staff, especially when they're rarely if ever seen in the Big Brother house. Though they aren't seen often the crew of Big Brother are the ones responsible for re-designing the house, setting up competitions, and delivering foods and other things that the houseguests may need while in the house. In short, there's no doing the show without them, so it's a good thing a resolution for how to staff them has reportedly been worked out.

There are still some unanswered questions though, as one has to wonder what host Julie Chen will do for this season. Will she be living in an RV alongside the rest of the crew to do her proper hosting and exit interviews, or will CBS work out a deal where she does all her duties remotely? The latter would impact the whole experience just a bit though, with no live audience in the studio, either there may be no reason to have her there on set either.

Big Brother Season 22 is said to be airing on CBS this summer. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest news happening with the reality series, and the latest news happening in television and movies.

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