How Last Man Standing's Tim Allen Responded To His Internet Death Hoax

Last Man Standing promo photo, courtesy of Fox

Tim Allen might only be in his sixties and he might maintain a pretty active social media presence, but like many actors before him, even he is not immune to celebrity death hoaxes. One of these happened to the Last Man Standing actor recently, but the funnyman reacted to the hoax in what was probably the best manner possible.

Just a few days ago, the comedian and actor woke up to find out various factions of the Internet thought he was dead. This often happens to celebrities like Chuck Norris, but for Tim Allen apparently this was a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, he ultimately decided to have a little fun with the fans’ confusion, noting,

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to a beautiful day in Michigan only to find out I'm dead?! How did it happen? Can anyone tell me? I'm DYING to know.

Here’s what happened. As often occurs when it comes to death hoaxes, the actor was trending on Twitter recently after Barstool Sports’ Dan Katz created a Twitter quiz whereupon people needed to correctly identify the Home Improvement actor from a red carpet photo in order to win a video game code. Around that time and probably at least partially due to the popular post, Tim Allen’s name began trending and didn’t stop for some time.

By the time the Last Man Standing actor woke up that day, his name was everywhere on the social media service. Obviously, not everyone was in on or even knew about the game codes, which prompted some people online to wonder if the actor had died or what had happened to get his name rolling.

Meanwhile, Tim Allen had a bunch of fun with the celebrity death hoax and even followed up with a second post about how terrible hot dogs are for you. (Hey, you really don't know what are in those things...)

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Tim Allen’s not the first nor is he likely to be the last celebrity to have a little fun with a death hoax. When the Internet thought The Witcher’s Henry Cavill had kicked the bucket a couple of years ago, Cavill showed up to confirm he and his then-intact mustache were still alive and well. Stephen Amell may have even trolled the fans once or twice with a death hoax comment of his own.

The point is, Twitter trends can be fun, but sometimes they do get a little ghastly. Meanwhile, Tim Allen is alive and kicking and should be getting back to work on Last Man Standing, which was shutdown earlier this year, soon. Allen – who just hit his 67th birthday in June – plays lead Mike Baxter in the long-running comedy, which now airs on Fox.

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