Welcome To Sweetie Pie's Star Arrested Over Nephew's Murder

welcome to sweetie pie's tim norman

A little over two years after the final episode of Robbie Montgomery's reality series Welcome to Sweetie Pie's, and more than four years after her grandson Andre Montgomery was shot and killed, an arrest has finally been made in the murder case. In a shocking turn of events, police arrested Montgomery's son James Timothy Norman for playing an alleged role in his nephew Andre's death, with his alleged accomplice having also been arrested.

Tim Norman, as he was known on Welcome to Sweetie Pie's, is being accused of setting up a murder-for-hire that led to the St. Louis death of Andre Montgomery on March 14, 2016. Prosecutors are claiming that Norman took out a life insurance policy on his nephew that was worth $450,000. According to TMZ, Norman was later in contact with a woman named Terica Ellis, with whom he allegedly set up plans for the murder. Ellis was also arrested on a murder-for-hire conspiracy charge.

In the days prior to Andrew Montgomery's death, Tim Norman and Terica Ellis were allegedly communicating through burner phones. On the day of the murder, Ellis allegedly learned of Montgomery's location and thereafter put in a call to Norman to let him know. After Montgomery was later shot and killed, Ellis allegedly called Norman again, and federal authorities were reportedly able to ping the female's phone to an area near the murder on that same day.

The pair's actions following the murder were also investigated, and it's claimed that Terica Ellis left town after talking to Tim Norman on the day of the murder. She allegedly deposited $9,000 in cash into several different bank accounts at that point as well. Meanwhile, prosecutors claim that Norman got in touch with the life insurance company in order to try and get the $450,000 policy payout.

This turn of events is no doubt a shock to those within the Montgomery family, as well as fans of the OWN reality show. Tim Norman was not only one of the stars of Welcome to Sweetie Pie's, but he'd also been the manager for the Sweetie Pie's restaurant in St. Louis.

This isn't the first time Tim Norman has been arrested for a violent crime, though it's definitely a much more serious situation this time around. Back in August 2018, Norman was arrested for a 2017 incident in which he punched a then-chef at Sweetie Pie's named Horace Hodges in the midst of an argument. In 2019, Norman was sued by the Sweetie Pie's landlord for breaching an agreement, with claims that he owed over $254,000 in back rent, among other fees.

At the time of Andre Montgomery's murder, Robbie Montgomery told TMZ that there was something suspicious about the crime. She believed whoever killed her grandson had access to the hotel room he was reportedly staying in at the time of his death, as well as his belongings. It's certainly possible that Terica Ellis is the person that Montgomery had in mind.

As unfortunate as this turn of events is for all involved, here's hoping Robbie Montgomery and others in the family will be able to find some peace of mind where Andre Montgomery's murder is concerned.

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