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NCIS: Los Angeles' LL Cool J And Chris O'Donnell Are Teaming Up For A New TV Show At CBS

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LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell have been partners on NCIS: Los Angeles for eleven seasons and counting at this point, and now they're joining forces for a brand new show that will keep them at CBS. That said, NCIS: LA fans should prepare for a show that will feature a lot less in the way of shootouts and car chases, and more family fun. The NCIS: LA stars are producing a family dance competition.

Yes, the action stars of NCIS: Los Angeles will hang up the badges and step behind the scenes for a CBS dance competition series, tentatively titled Come Dance With Me. LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell are on board as executive producers, so don't expect either of them to strut their stuff on camera for the new show. In fact, their new show will be unlike anything else on CBS.

Come Dance With Me will showcase talented young dancers from across the country as the invite one family member or adult who has supported them in pursuing their dance dreams. The family-friendly twist? The adult dance partner will have to be inspirational but untrained, so the dance to the grand prize will feature amateurs as well as skilled young dancers.

That said, professional choreographers will be on hand for the competition, and the goal is for an "uplifting and emotional journey" to tackle challenging routines with their personal heroes. CBS has given an official order to the new series, although no episode count or premiere date has been announced just yet. LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell explained why they wanted to pursue a show like Come Dance With Me, saying:

We believe this concept is fun for the whole family, especially given the number of children we both have. We reminisced about our kids’ dance lessons and how it would look if they had to teach us how to dance. What we noticed was, aside from the two-left-feet element, like most parents, no one wants to let their kids down. The show is about being creative, having a good time and bringing families together through dance. It’s a fun show with a big heart!

Even though LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell won't be dancing themselves for Come Dance With Me, thinking about dancing with their own kids inspired the series. Come Dance With Me also puts CBS on the map for broadcast networks with dance competition shows. NBC has World of Dance, ABC has Dancing with the Stars (which will soon premiere a new season), and Fox has So You Think You Can Dance, although SYTYCD had to shelve the season that was intended to air in summer 2020.

As for the long-running NCIS: Los Angeles, the Season 12 premiere has been delayed to November at the earliest, but it is only way to CBS along with new seasons of NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. The good news that CBS didn't push its entire fall lineup back toward the end of the year, as the network will launch some of its returning series and showcase some series that will make their broadcast TV debuts.

For some TV options during the wait for NCIS: Los Angeles to return and Come Dance With Me to launch, check out our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule! You can also catch NCIS: LA's shortened Season 11 streaming on CBS All Access now.

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