How NCIS: Los Angeles Will Test Sam's Loyalty And Trust In Season 11 Finale

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Unfortunately, NCIS: Los Angeles will be bringing its hallmark-filled Season 11 to a close soon, which is a couple of weeks ahead of its originally planned season finale. Facing the same truncated season issues that affected many primetime entries across the network dial, NCIS: Los Angeles is bowing out with Episode 22, and it's an installment that will apparently stretch the loyalty limits of LL Cool J's Sam Hanna.

In the final episode of NCIS: Los Angeles' eleventh season at CBS, Sam and Chris O'Donnell's Callen are keeping things casual when some disturbing reports surface in Afghanistan. There, a Navy SEAL commanding officer has been accused by two of his soldiers of committing unlawful acts against others while on duty. The victims include not only those being held as prisoner, but also innocent civilians. Given Sam's past military career as a SEAL, it's not the easiest mental exercise for him to readily accept such accusations against another respected officer.

However, when Sam and Callen attempt to get information about the situation, their efforts are are contested by other in-rank officials, largely tied to how connected the accused Navy SEAL commander is. Though he's hesitant, Sam agrees to put aside his conflicted feelings and take the trip to Afghanistan with Callen, but that just throws everything into chaos. As NCIS: Los Angeles executive producer put it to TV Guide, Sam's loyalty to his country and his past is going to get worked.

How long do men stay loyal to other men? That's the question. We're putting Sam right in the heart of that.

Naturally, when Sam and Callen get to Afghanistan, their work immediately gets dangerous, and they get roped into a unpredictable and incredibly risky situation. One might think it has something to do with them getting tied up with others and held at gunpoint, but that's just a hunch.

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Something that might test fan loyalty is the fact that this NCIS: Los Angeles episode will end on a cliffhanger of some kind, since it was meant to be the first half of a two-parter leading into the original season finale. That obviously means the answers to the finale's questions won't be served up until Season 12's premiere. Here's hoping Sam and Callen are rescued at the end of Act 2, and the ending involves some other kind of hectic situation.

Thankfully, the episode "Code of Conduct" won't be entirely focused on Sam's loyalty eating crow in the Middle East. This episode also marks the return of JAG vet Catherine Bell as Colonel Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie. She'll be called on by Kensi and Deeks to assist in the sensitive situation happening with Sam and Callen. No sign of David James Elliott's Harm Rabb in this case, but we're still waiting to hear something about that rumored JAG revival anyway.

With or without any resolution to Nell's potential exit from the team, NCIS: Los Angeles will close out Season 11 on Sunday, April 27, at 9:00 p.m. ET. There are plenty of other big shows ending soon, too, so be sure and check out our upcoming TV finales rundown.

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