How Much NCIS: Los Angeles Will Feature Hetty In Season 12

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NCIS: Los Angeles fans have gone through a Hetty drought, and many are hoping not to experience one next season. Due to our current health crisis and the subsequent shutdown of TV production, the series signed off with an early (and impromptu) Season 11 finale. As it stands, NCIS: Los Angeles has not been formally renewed yet, but it merits asking: How much would Season 12 feature, Hetty?

This past season of NCIS: Los Angeles saw teases of cool news for the fan-favorite. The series’ showrunner has already revealed some of what fans can expect in Season 12. Now, NCIS: Los Angeles’ executive producer, Frank Military, is hinting at what it would hold for Hetty. Of the beloved character’s future, Military told TV Guide:

I think we'll probably see more of her than we have this season. She is very much the heart and soul. Hetty is a very mysterious character. Sometimes we find out what she's been doing — sometimes we don't. Fans have gotten used to the idea that she's not always there; people have gotten used to the idea that Hetty could be doing lots of interesting and complex stuff all over the world.

Well, this is promising news! Frank Military does not just hint at barely glimpsing Hetty in a potential Season 12. He thinks viewers will see more of her than in NCIS: Los Angelesrecently wrapped season did. Military also offered a hint as to where Hetty has been when she has not been on the show, and it seems Hetty could be doing just about anything.

NCIS: Los Angeles adores its mysteries. While fans have been contented to imagine what the much-loved character has gotten up to off-screen, there is arguably nothing better than having her in front of our very eyes. Season 12 saw less of Hetty than fans may have liked, but it was not all bad news.

NCIS: Los Angeles upped Medalion Rahimi, who plays Special Agent Fatima Namazi, to series regular status. So, Hetty’s team has only gotten stronger. That said, it would be nice for fans to see Hetty getting to see that for herself. Whatever happens on the long-running series if it returns for Season 12, it seems that Hetty will, at least, be around a lot more.

Plus, you can tell from Frank Military’s statement that the series knows how integral Hetty is to the DNA of the show. As for how Hetty’s NCIS: Los Angeles absence became more of an issue for fans, we saw the change a while ago.

Hetty’s portrayer, Linda Hunt, was in a car accident that took her and Hetty off-screen for a while in Season 10. After some additional recovery time for Hunt, Hetty returned for Kensi and Deeks’ wedding and was ready for action that season.

Thankfully, it seems as though Season 12 could see her get a lot of action. After crossing the 250th episode mark this past season, NCIS: Los Angeles is standing by to learn if its twelfth season will get the green light. Here is hoping for a Hetty-heavy Season 12!

While you wait for word on NCIS: Los Angeles getting renewed, you can revisit old episodes on CBS All Access, and watch previous seasons of its mothership series, NCIS, streaming on Netflix along with new 2020 arrivals, and there are also this summer’s premieres to look forward to.

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