Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The HOH, And What It Might Mean For Week 4

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars Live Feeds as of Thursday, August 27. Read at your own risk!

Another week of Big Brother All-Stars is done, and despite fans' wishes for a battle back or twist to keep her in the game, Janelle Pierzina was sent home. Another woman and outlier of the majority alliance was evicted from the house, which makes it do or die time for the people who are on the outs. Can anyone stop the majority from running the rest of the house out before it's too late?

This week's HOH was a rolling ball game, which is more of a crapshoot competition than skill-based. Given that the majority alliance is loaded with physical players, this actually played to the advantage of the other players and presented yet another winnable comp to potentially change up the game. Is that what happened? Here's who won and what it will likely mean for the coming week.

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Enzo Palumbo Won The HOH

Enzo Palumbo clutched out a win for the majority alliance after winning a ball-rolling comp that allegedly went right down to the wire. Enzo apparently just barely beat out Cody Calafiore, who I suspect would not have wanted to win another Head of Household competition so soon and may have thrown his alliance member the win knowing he'd be safe.

After weeks of lingering in the background, Enzo Palumbo is front and center. He has played a relatively low-key game to this point, but we can only wait and see how he'll be viewed in the house after this big week.

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How Will Enzo Run His HOH?

The story of Big Brother All-Stars so far is that the house has been at the mercy of the majority alliance created by Cody Calafiore, and no one is willing to break the majority vote. If a bulk of the majority alliance had their way it would be Kaysar Ridha and David Alexander on the block this week, with a possibility of a backdoor nomination to take out an unsuspecting Da'Vonne Rogers or Bayleigh Dayton. Enzo Palumbo has been a bit of a wildcard though, and it's hard to say whether or not he'll play ball with his alliance.

I can say that it's in Enzo's best interest to not take a shot at anyone within the alliance, but I don't think he necessarily needs to throw Kaysar Ridha or David Alexander on the block. Enzo has talked about David being a threat in the game though, and after he burned Tyler Crispen and Cody Calafiore's game talking to Da'Vonne Rogers, this would be an easy time to make that move.

The second nomination is a bit trickier because Enzo has some people in this house he'd like to target that his alliance would rather he not. He's mentioned making moves against Ian Terry, which would score points with Memphis Garrett, but anger Nicole Franzel. He has also talked about nominating Dani Briones, but with her being the main source of the majority alliance's intel on the other side of the house, that move would be controversial.

Enzo Palumbo pretty much isn't on anyone's radar to this point in Big Brother All-Stars, so I think his move may just be to do what the majority in his alliance wants. Putting up David Alexander and Kaysar Ridha doesn't really help his game, but it doesn't really hurt it either. The goal for Enzo would be to escape this week without an enemy, provided he can pull that off. Will he do that, or will his nominations be as "hinky" as his voting history thus far?

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