Did Big Brother's David Alexander Really Not Study The Game Before All-Stars?

David Alexander Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars' live feeds as of Thursday, August 27. Read at your own risk!

When it was revealed that Big Brother All-Stars had invited Season 21 first night evictee David Alexander to play in the game again, there was excitement within the fandom. Viewers didn't get to see much of David in Season 21, but from what they saw, he looked like he could become a formidable player in the house with a little polish. Sure, he would be playing with all-stars, but as long as he properly researched the game ahead of playing, he'd be okay, right?

It's possible that may be true, but now that Big Brother All-Stars is rounding out Week 3, there is considerable doubt by both fans and houseguests that David Alexander properly researched Big Brother. Is it just an elaborate and well-constructed act, or did he really go into the house with key players from past seasons with little to no idea what they're about?

David Alexander Big Brother All-Stars CBS

The Proof Is In The Playing?

David Alexander's gameplay in Big Brother All-Stars has gotten stranger as the game progresses. So far he miraculously avoided being sent home despite promising no one who wanted to keep him anything, and recently he blew up the games of two of his biggest alliance members in the house (Da'Vonne Rogers and Tyler Crispen) by telling them what one was saying about the other. In doing that he successfully destroyed his own game when he was in a really comfortable position, and it's seeming like he knows he messed up.

David's security in the house has plummetted to the point he'll likely be on the block soon unless he can win the Head of Household himself. The truth is that in a normal season these mistakes might be forgiven, but amongst the Big Brother All-Stars players, David is making some rather obvious mistakes that merely having him around is a liability to someone's game. At first, it seemed like his mistakes and gullibility were part of a game strategy, but now that we're this far in, it feels like evidence he didn't really watch that much Big Brother.

David Alexander Big Brother All-Stars CBS

David Admitted He Hasn't Watched Much Big Brother

David Alexander was pretty hurt when Memphis Garrett called him a rookie in Week 2 of Big Brother All-Stars, but now it seems Memphis had the best read of the house at the time. David hasn't played a ton of Big Brother and, by his own admission on the CBS website, has not watched a lot of the show either.

When asked about his favorite Big Brother player, David stated that he has a "limited" viewing of Big Brother. His favorite houseguest from the game was Tyler Crispen, who had only just been on the show the season before David joined. Right now there's a number of people who think Season 20 is the only season of Big Brother David has seen, and it's worth noting he hasn't even watched all of that. Once fans heard he "skipped ahead" midway through the season, they began to question why he was invited back to play.

Oh, David, that's not something to admit to veterans, especially when two of them are aligned with you. While we can't explicitly prove it, it does seem like Season 20 may be the only season that David Alexander has watched, and he didn't even finish it.

David Alexander Big Brother All-Stars CBS

David Has Been Called Out By A Former Houseguest

To his credit, David Alexander did reach out to people for help before entering the game. David recently said on the live feeds that his friend and former Season 21 houseguest Ovi Kabir "coached" him, and gave him some stuff to look over ahead of entering Big Brother All-Stars. That's a great friend, especially considering Ovi may have felt a little upset he wasn't being invited back to the game.

Beyond the fact that Ovi Kabir only did slightly better in Season 21 of Big Brother than David Alexander, it's worth noting that Ovi did respond to that statement made by David, and kind of hung his friend out to dry. In a tweet laced with love, Ovi revealed his skepticism that David actually took the advice he was given.

Ovi gave notes, but it looks like David Alexander wasn't all that keen on doing homework ahead of Big Brother All-Stars. I have a feeling that he's going to wish he had done dome research in hindsight, unless the mood in the house changes and he manages to survive a lot longer than it currently looks like he will. I'll be rooting for him all the same, even if he isn't anywhere near the player that America thought he would be.

David Alexander Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Why David Alexander's Inexperience May Be A Good Thing

David's lack of Big Brother experience is no doubt frustrating to fans and former houseguests who didn't get invited to Big Brother All-Stars, but at the moment, he may be the saving grace of an otherwise predictable season. One of the noted side effects of this season is that most everyone in the house knows exactly how to play the game, and the mistakes they shouldn't be making. The result has allowed a majority alliance to have a solid run out the gate, while veteran players are too afraid of making the same mistakes as past houseguests who got evicted trying to make a big move.

David Alexander doesn't know anything about that, and because he has no frame of reference when it comes to Big Brother, he's playing an emotional game far removed from what anyone else in the house is doing. Should David be able to snag an HOH, or even win a veto competition when he's on the block, he stands a good chance of making the game head in some interesting directions rather than the currently predictable path it's on. Personally, I'm rooting for it to happen, because otherwise, we're likely in for another few weeks of Cody Calafiore's alliance just slowly picking off the stragglers of their alliance.

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