Big Brother All-Stars' Latest Wall Yeller Shows How Pointless Fan Interference Is

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother All-Stars' live feeds as of Monday, August 31. Read at your own risk!

Not long after Big Brother All-Stars had its first attempt at interfering in the season, yet another person locked down the house by shouting something while the houseguests were chilling outside. It's the latest in a long line of attempts by fans to influence the game throughout the years, and it really needs to stop.

That's especially apparent after this latest instance, in which most of the house heard a person shout "Cody and Nicole are playing everyone." This event was captured by the live feeds and can be heard much clearer than this season's first instance.

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It was a pretty damning and true statement made by the Big Brother All-Stars fan, but what impact did it have? Let's run through the facts in regards to this instance and how fan interference rarely results in anything good in this game.

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Everything Said Is Ultimately Disregarded

Viewers have been told in the past that when stuff like this happens, houseguests are pulled into a room with production. The players are ultimately told to disregard what was said, not let it affect their gameplay, and not to discuss it with the other players. It doesn't entirely squash conversation, but it does enough that players often can't effectively strategize around the intel given, which they may be wary of in general. The Big Brother All-Stars cast seems largely jaded by the fanbase in general, so the last thing they'd want is to roll the dice and trust someone who ultimately just wants the game to be more interesting.

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The Live Feeds Go Down For Quite A While

The Big Brother live feeds are one of the big draws to the show, the source of a lot of juicy intel, and events that don't always make the episodes. The feeds already get shut down for competitions, nominations, and veto meetings, so it's extra annoying when they're brought down for anything else. Fan interference typically results in a long feed shutdowns, and it's extra frustrating because they tend to happen during hours houseguests would be discussing the game. No live feeds is ever a good thing, especially when the result is not hearing much of what became of the drama.

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Houseguests Lose Access To The Backyard

Houseguests have limited access to the backyard during the week, mostly due to the space being used for competitions and challenges. Yellers typically shoot their shot when houseguests are in the backyard so they stand the best chance of being heard. As former houseguest Kathryn Dunn recently revealed, the backyard is closed for the day when fans are yelling stuff, which kills the day of limited yard time houseguests have. Obviously that would be a bummer to anyone, especially knowing they just lost one of the few days that week to be outside and hang out.

My hope is that fans eventually see how futile these attempts to influence the game are and stop, but I'm also a realist. Attempted fan interference will continue on Big Brother All-Stars and beyond, and we can only hope that producers develop creative ways to address and discourage it from happening going forward.

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