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Big Brother Spoilers: Was Nicole Franzel Lying In Her Diary Room Segment?

Nicole Franzel Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Big Brother All-Stars episode that aired Tuesday, September 15. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother All-Stars has a big vote just around the corner, and now the television audience knows just how complicated this mess has gotten for Dani Briones. She has now nominated four people in one week and ultimately had to throw Ian Terry up on the block against Tyler Crispen when her original intention was to nominate Kevin Campbell and David Alexander. The move certainly angered Nicole Franzel, but perhaps not quite as much as she expressed to viewers at home.

Nicole's Diary Room segment about Ian Terry seemed in some ways very genuine, but she did tell one thing to America that isn't necessarily true. The lie in question came from her talk about strategy, in which she alleged Ian is much closer to her in the game than he actually is.

I'm pretty furious. Ian and I are super close in this house and we have a Final 2. If he goes home I'll be the only winner in this house and my target will get way bigger so I'm not at all okay with this idea.

Ian Terry and Nicole Franzel are indeed pretty close in the house, but the part about the Final 2 is incorrect. As any good wall yeller will tell you, the only Final 2 that Nicole Franzel has on Big Brother All-Stars is with Cody Calafiore. Ian is not a part of the majority alliance, nor is it looking like he's going to be protected by any of them. Nicole protected Ian in exchange for him voting with the alliance, but her endgame was for him to be her shield that gets sent home should she eventually be put on the block.

Deception in the Big Brother house is not an uncommon thing, but for Nicole Franzel to openly lie about her game intentions in the Diary Room for segments that can only be heard by viewers is confusing. I do believe Nicole is genuinely sad about the possibility of Ian Terry leaving, and she has made some behind-the-scenes efforts in an attempt to get him to stay over Tyler Crispen. Still, to say that she has any serious Final 2 with Ian is a real mischaracterization of Nicole's game strategy, if not a complete falsehood.

So why then did Nicole Franzel say that in the Diary Room? Players have lied to production in the past to prevent them from asking other houseguests pointed questions that could alert them to things happening in the house. I should also say that some Big Brother All-Stars houseguests have been alerted to backlash to their mockery of Ian Terry. Nicole Franzel was a part of that group and did lose sponsorships because of it, so maybe reassuring audiences she is friends with Ian was a way of attempting to make amends? Cynics could say it was saving face or a damage control move, but we should never assume what Nicole's actual intentions were.

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